8 Mile and Knebal Springs Ride

We encountered a little bit of everything on a ride on 44 Trails on Monday: blue skies and heavy fog; spots of warm sunshine and stretches of cold; leg-tiring climbs and fun, fast descents; the excited anticipation at our morning start and satisfaction at our afternoon finish.


Mount St. Helens and the Plains of Abraham Again, This Time by Bike and with Goats

Barry and I make a backpacking trip up to the Plains of Abraham on Mount St. Helens almost yearly, and Barry bike packs up to the same spot with friends with some frequency, too.  His biking trips up there always sound amazing.  I've wanted to experience the trip on a bike myself, but up until now I'd doubted my ability to ride the trail.  I'd been working on climbing on my bike all summer long, though, so with some encouragement I was convinced that I was finally ready to give the ride a try.  Yesterday, off we went.  And it was awesome.  Barry and I were treated to one of the most beautiful days - summer-like weather in November, barely another soul on the trail, stillness and silence up on the plains, and a pack of mountain goats to keep us company.  It was perfection.