Sisters: A Lake, An Eagle, Some Trails, Some Bikes

Last weekend was unexpectedly fantastic.  After long weeks at work, Barry and I really wanted to get out of town.  So we planned a two-day trip to Sisters.  We ended up getting a late start.  By the time we reached Sisters, we had just enough hours of sunlight left to find a campsite on a lake outside of town and squeeze in a mountain bike ride on the Peterson Ridge Trail.  It made for a pretty laid back day - a solidly good day.  The second day, though, was what made the trip so wonderful.

We woke up to find the lake ringed with ice crystals, to gorgeous views of the Tam McArthur Rim, and to a bald eagle hanging out near out site.  We spent a cozy morning by our campfire and then headed out on a ride that took us to Tumalo Falls in Bend.  Lots of the mountain biking skills that I'd been workin on all summer - regulating my pace on climbs so I have the energy to get through them, using bursts of momentum while already exerting a lot of energy pedaling uphill in order to roll over rocks and roots, clocking my pedals to avoid hitting those rocks and roots, looking ahead to where I want to go - were put to practice on the long ride.  It was the longest mountain bike ride I'd ever been on and it was challenging.  I cried twice (not coincidentally, I crashed twice, too).  I was so satisfied and proud when we ended up back at our beautiful campsite.