Season Change!

It official.
The snowboard has been tucked away and the mountain bike has been dusted off.


Weekends Patterns

At the end of March and beginning of April, my weekends had a distinct pattern to them.  Day-one: a mellow day in the city with daydreams of snow on the mountain or clear skies on the trails.   Day-two: a fun day outdoors, looking forward to better conditions outdoors to come.

Several weekends ago, I spent day-one fussing around the apartment.  It's been a while since I've spent an entire day doing that.  That used to be my jam, remember?

I went up to the mountain by myself on day-two for a gorgeous day of spring snowboarding.  I had a great time riding Mt. Hood on my own for hours.

The following weekend, day-one was filled with biking around town and getting little needs taken care of.  Fine.  Day-two was more fun: snowboarding in the morning and mountain biking in the afternoon.  Conditions for both activities weren't quite what we'd hoped for - the slopes and the trail were both okay, not great - but it was great to be outside all day with Barry.

The weekend after that, I spent day-one in the city again.  On day-two, thwarted by melting snow on the mountain and rainfall all over but needing to get the heck out of town, we put in some time doing trail maintenance in anticipation and hope of good mountain biking weather soon to come.  We were rained on for hours while cutting and hauling downed trees on the trail.  But again, that outside-with-Barry-all-day thing.  Great.

The weather is starting to come around.  Weekend patterns are getting an upgrade soon.