When The Bear's Away, Part Two

While Barry was away last week, I went on a nice long hike by myself on a trail in the Columbia River Gorge that I've been meaning to check out for years.  As I was told, Eagle Creek trail runs through a canyon full of gorgeous waterfalls.  As I was told, it's a busy trail, even on an overcast weekday.  Glad to have seen the falls.  Glad to have had a day full of hiking on my own.  Glad to have run into a father and teenage daughter who were going on her first backpacking trip.  Glad to know while I liked the hike, I don't want to backpack here.  Glad Barry's back now and we'll be backpacking somewhere else this weekend.


When The Bear's Away, Part One

Barry was out of town for work last weekend.  First order of business here at home: rearrange the apartment.  Or in this case, specifically, move all of the rugs and the plants.