Tucson and Back

I went to Tucson last week with my boss-friend for work.  We were so darn productive and had such a good time getting our job done.  And we made sure to find some fantastic meals along the way.  My favorite spot for breakfast and lunch was 5 Points Market & RestaurantLa Cocina and Penca were great, too.  Now I'm back, loving that the sun is shining here in Portland, and excited to dive into the bead stash I accumulated while we were in Tucson.


Countdown to a 40-Year-Old Barry

Barry's 40th birthday is on Valentine's Day.  I love birthdays, and I'm excited to stretch out Barry's celebrating of this milestone date by having a mini-celebration for him every day from February 1st through the 14th.  I made an advent-of-Barry calendar using 14 bags, each filled with different treats for him to open up daily.  I'll be away for work for a few days of the openings and I can't wait to hear his response to what's in those bags.  The 14th bag will be opened while we're out of town for the biggest celebration of them all.  Yay birthdays!