Where the Hell Have I Been? An Answer in Chronological Order

Mid-March: I spent many mornings, evenings, and weekend days sitting crossed legged on the floor of our apartment working on tons of new sulu-design jewelry.  I restocked Tumbleweed, Tender Loving Empire, Noun, and betsy & iya with the new pieces.  I didn't feel like taking photos of the new pieces, so I didn't.  Now I wish I had, but in another month and a half I'll have forgotten all about it.

Late March: After spending enough time indoors, I asked Barry to take me on an outdoor adventure.  I got what I asked for with a hike through a snow storm just east of Mount Hood.

Bring on April: The following weekend, I wanted an adventure of the sunny variety.  Barry and the weather obliged.  We found ourselves with our bikes east of Mount Hood again, just a few miles away from the spot where we went on the snowy hike the week before.  We had a fantastic, sunny, much needed weekend of camping.  I am itching for our backpacking season to begin.  I find myself regularly wondering how I could make living in a cabin in the mountains work for us.

Last weekend, we had one of those days where everything (everything, that is, except the theft of my bike) seemed just right: coffee from a great cafe, lunch outside in the sun, a long stroll with our cameras along the train tracks into the industrial part of our neighborhood, and the rediscovery of a favorite building.

The week since then has been a draining one.  I need to shake my head out and get in a good way.  I'm pretty sure I can figure out how to do that with two days off ahead of me.  Maybe I'll be back here before another six weeks pass to tell you about it.