Nothing a Little Matte Black Paint Can't Fix

Before, During, and After:

Several pieces that I made in my ceramics class came out with really sad glaze results.  Two of them that I couldn't bear the sight of - a funny little ring catcher and a small bowl - got matte black spray paint treatment last night.  Much better.


Proof I Took a Ceramics Class

Lots of bowls on our counter currently.
I wasn't good at cups and mugs.
I'll work on those next time.


Indian Heaven Wilderness

The evening, above.
The morning, below.

Another amazing weekend with Barry: steep climbs, views galore, a pretty sunset, a dramatic sunrise, sweet huckleberries lining the trail, and beautiful lakes where we stopped to rest.  Summer may be ending soon, but our backpacking season will not.  We're taking this weekend to find gear suited for cold weather trips.  There's so much more to see!


Good Pair

Barry and I celebrated our 13 year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago in a low-key way, hiking in to a quiet spot on a river and lounging around together all day.  We usually like to do something "bigger," but we've been having such an awesome summer full of adventures that it kind of feels like we've been celebrating the entire season long.  A lot of the fun we've been having is due to our backpacking trips... trips I never would have taken if it hadn't been for Barry's influence and his know-how. I'm so glad he introduced me to backpacking - it's just one of countless ways in which Barry makes my life richer and makes me a better person.  He's my best friend.  And the best, period.


Friends of the Children... Last Call for Now

Until Monday, September 8th, all sulu-design etsy shop sales will be donated to Portland's Friends of the Children.  That's one hundred percent of each purchase!  Help me support an amazing organization and clear out those sale items while I work on new pieces for Fall.  Speaking of new pieces, a fresh late summer collection is available at betsy & iya now.