For the Friends of the Children

I've gotten requests for the sulu-design etsy shop to be updated.  It's been empty for months now, I know.  I'm in summer-mode!  But when you ask, I can't say no.  I thought I'd have a few of the latest necklaces to fill up the shop, but after making my drop-off rounds to Tumbleweed, betsy & iya, Tender Loving Empire, and Noun in the recent weeks, I have absolutely no new designs left.  I did, however, pick up a few sulu-design pieces that haven't sold at those shops, so those are now listed at reduced prices in the sulu-design etsy shop.  There are also a handful of previously listed earrings that are on sale for ten bucks a pair.

I'm excited to announce that 100 percent of the selling price of all of the pieces that are now in my shop will be donated to Friends of the Children, a Portland organization that does amazing things for children in my community.  Maybe it's because one of the people who asked for a shop update is a teacher, maybe it's because my former student getting in touch with me has me thinking about my own teaching days, maybe it's because my friend Robin's recent experiences traveling and working in schools in Asia have me thinking about kids and their welfare.  Whatever it is, I'm feeling inspired right now to do something that will benefit kids who need it.  Have a look at the earrings and necklaces in the sulu-design etsy shop and know that their sales will benefit a wonderful cause.











Good Stuff

I'm still on a high from the Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds concert that Barry and I saw almost two weeks ago.  I've had Abattoir Blues on repeat since then.

I got an incredibly sweet e-mail from one of my former sixth grade students from the Bronx (Hi, Felix!).  He'll be a senior at a liberal arts college in Maine this Fall, and it was wonderful to hear about his successes since he left my classroom.

It's hot here.  Super hot.  And sunny.  I love it.  So do our plants.

A good friend from my childhood will be in Portland in a couple days and I'm really looking forward to catching up with her in person.

What's good with you?


The Bug and The Blues

I felt pretty crummy this weekend.  A sinus infection maybe?  It was gorgeous in Portland, though, and I - sick or not - intended on taking full advantage of the amazing summer we're having.  Barry and I spent hours with books at the beach and at our local park.  We strolled around town in the evening hours while the city was still hot and the shadows grew long.  We ate and drank at sidewalk cafes and restaurant patios.  And when we'd had enough sun and/or the crumminess took over, I retreated inside and made jewelry.  Lots of jewelry.  I ended up having a nice, long weekend despite whatever bug I've got.

I've been remiss about photographing my recent jewelry designs.  There are, in fact, new collections of sulu-design at betsy & iya and at Noun that I didn't document with photos here.  So I made a point to get back on track and take a few photos of pieces I made this weekend.  Most will make their way to Portland shops soon.  Some might end up in the sulu-design etsy shop (Carolyn pointed out that it's currently empty).  And I might keep one or two myself... there are lots of blues in these pieces, and I do love blues.