Au revoir!

Surely I mentioned in the midst of all that's gone on in the past couple weeks that Barry and I are headed to France today.  Surely I did.  Did I?  We'll meet up with his parents for a wonderful week in Arles.  See you when I return.

P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes for me and the well wishes for my dad.  He's doing great, back at home and back to work.  He's amazing at bouncing back.


Thirty-Six is a Doozy

I love birthdays.  I love making a big deal of them.  I started this one a couple days early with a massage at Loyly and dinner at Cocotte.  There were treats at Crema, lunch at 6th Street Bistro, and a tasty dinner at Brian's Pourhouse in Hood River.  I squeezed as much goodness as I thought I could into the days leading up to my birthday.  And they were awesome.

And then today rolled around.  My actual birthday.  Some crappy weather thwarted hiking and apple-picking plans in Hood River.  A meeting back in Portland took up too many hours of the day.  And troubling news from home at the end of the day has me really upset.  It's strange to write this here, but it's stranger not to say it.  My dad had a heart attack today, soon after we spoke on the phone and he wished me a happy birthday.  He's recovering and doing well.  But being across the country from him and my family feels horrible right now.  For as much as I love birthdays, I can't wait to fall asleep tonight, to end this day, and to hope for good news tomorrow.


I Was In LA for Work Earlier this Week

I loved the heat.
I loved the light.
And I wasn't bothered a bit



Portland Open Studios

Portland Open Studios continue this weekend.  Barry and I made our rounds last Sunday.  I love peeking into other people's creative spaces.  We saw some beautiful art and became the proud owners of a painting by Christopher Bibby, who has a colorful, cozy studio in his garage:



Love from Portland Boutiques

Thanks to Barrie (not to be confused with Barry) at Betsy & Iya for the sweet sulu-design interview.  And to Tumbleweed for the recent blog feature.  Both boutiques have lots of new sulu-design earrings and necklaces in stock.  As of tomorrow, so will Union Rose.  And next week, Tender Loving Empire.


What I Did Last Weekend, Belated, Part Two: On A Walk

Autumn is awesome here, guys.  Awesome.  Barry said I have to remember this when I have my annual June freak-out about how summer in Portland is never going to start.  Now we're enjoying perfect temperatures and amazing light.  This weekend, a nice, long, slow stroll around our neighborhood with cameras in hand was in order.  My views are below, Barry's views are here.



What I Did Last Weekend, Belated, Part One: In the Kitchen

Barry and I needed a little lay-low time this past weekend.  Time at home with good music and not much on the agenda.  I spent several hours in the kitchen making comfort food with which to stock our cupboards and freezer.  There was granola baking.  Pizza dough making.  Vegetable roasting.  And curry pumpkin empanada preparing.  If you know the way I roll in the kitchen, you know it's impossible for me not to make substitutions in recipes.  This time, that meant acorn squash in place of pumpkin.  I popped the first round of empanadas in the oven after work this evening.  Oh, baby!  I'm psyched for round two tomorrow.