Portlanders, Stop By!

I'll be at Tumbleweed today
during Alberta Street's sidewalk sale
with lots and lots of marked down sulu-design earrings.
Stop by and say hello.


sulu-design for fall (get your scroll on)

On the desk (above), and on the dresser (below).
I wish I was better at getting consistent color in my photos.
If only the whites were all the same white!
But figuring that out isn't a priority.
I'm busy with the beads.




Soon to be found at a few Portland boutiques...
or contact me at sulu-design@hotmail.com for inquiries.


When the Cat's Away

Barry had a fun work excursion this weekend,
so I had two days to myself.

I love a solo weekend every now and then.
I filled this one with lots of goodness including:

A stroll downtown in the most gorgeous weather
making a stop at Flora where I always drool over
earrings and necklaces by Demimonde.

Paring down items on our kitchen counter
in anticipation of the arrival of a new coffee maker.
Barry would be confused if he came home and
found the apartment exactly as he'd left it.
At least I didn't move furniture this time.

Sorting through my bead collection,
trading some old ones in for new ones.

An hour or so at Moonshine
with a new-to-me beer and a good book.

Hours upon hours upon hours of jewelry-making.
I cannot wait to share new earrings and necklaces with you.

A jewelry-making soundtrack full of music
that I might not admit to listening to if you ask me about it later
(Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Beyonce...).
Go ahead and judge me.  I might if I were you.

Staying up 'til 1 a.m. reading.

An errand-running bike ride capped off with a stop at the park
to lay in the grass on day two of gorgeous weather.

Roast beef on toasted rye with cheddar,
horseradish, salt, and ketchup.
Dinner on Sunday.  Lunch on Monday.  Dinner on Monday.

A couple intense workouts
that had me sweatier than I think I've ever been.

Barry's due home in an hour.
And we're back to work tomorrow.
I'm already day-dreaming about next weekend.

Content: /kuhn 'tent/

For quite a while now - for a few years in fact - I've felt truly content with my life.  I don't think that I've ever felt this way for such a long stretch of time.  I'm happy to say that the important things in my life are and have been really, really good for some time now.

I absolutely adore my husband.  I've said a million times here that Barry is my best friend.  We have a great time together, no matter what we're doing.  We make each other better people.  And after 16 years, I still think he's super cute.

I have an amazing family.  My parents were (and are) totally committed to raising a strong, ethical, and happy family, and they are endlessly supportive.  I love my brother and sister and their spouses and kids.  I enjoy their company and I am inspired by their creativity and talent in fields of design.  I have in-laws that most would envy.  They are fun to hang out with and they have been very generous to me and Barry.

I have great friends who introduce me to new things and with whom I love to share my time.  And I enjoy my time to myself, filling it with lots of different activities that bring me joy.

I live in a city that is both exciting and comforting to me.  We own a little home in it that is perfect for the two of us.

I have a secure job that I enjoy going to.  I work with creative people and get to use lots of different skills that leave me satisfied at the end of the work day.

I am healthy and strong.  I am in decent physical shape and my mind is often stress-free.  I sleep well at night.

I should be content, right?  I've got it good.  Real, real good.

I'd been riding this wave of contentment for a while.  And then it hit me.  Should I be content with this contentment?  I'd spent much of my teens and twenties thinking about where I wanted to be next and how I should get there.  I feel like I was always working to get to a better place.  I probably didn't appreciate how good things were at that time, but I was driven.  I don't miss the intensity and stress of that drive, but I've started to wonder if my contentment is making me complacent.  If I've lost some edge that kept me moving (and, maybe, interesting).  Thoughts on any this, friends?

Some thoughts of mine that are related to contentment but not related to each other:

Is it boring to be content?

I wonder if living on the West Coast for a while has played a role in this change I've noticed in myself.  I definitely attribute some of the drive I had when I was younger with the pace that surrounded me in New York City.

Since I'm so content with the state of my life, I should be spending some of my time helping other people who need it.  I kick around the idea of volunteering a lot but haven't really done much about it.  It's time.


More. Lots More.

Soon to be at Betsy & Iya, Union Rose, Tender Loving Empire, and the sulu-design etsy shop.  As always, if something's grabbing you, e-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com so I can be sure to list it on-line for you.  Most are $38 and $48 with a couple at $58.