Don't Get Me Wrong

I like a nice stroll.  But I'm hoping my recent morning walk from the car mechanic's shop to work is the last long walk of its kind that I'll be taking for a while.


A Date with Mark Rothko

The Mark Rothko exhibit that Barry and I have been talking about going to for months now is closing this weekend.  Yikes!  We hurried ourselves down to the Portland Art Museum the other night to catch the retrospective before it was gone.  It was a wonderful (albeit very small) show - it was interesting to see Rothko's work before he developed his well-known color fields.  Most of the paintings that came before the color fields bared strong resemblance to the work of other modern artists:

some reminded us of pablo picasso

some reminded us of ernst ludwig kirchner

then there was my favorite non-color field painting
(of a New York City N train station!)

some reminded us of joan miro

some reminded us of clyfford still

and some reminded us of why we love the work of mark rothko

Please pardon a few of these links...
I tried to find similar images to the ones above.
Some of them had lame sources.


Themes Develop

Apparently car trouble has a way of making me spend quality time with my camera.  It's been documented on several occasions now.  Today was no exception.  Finding our battery dead when I got in the car to leave for work, I ran across the street to a taxi stand and jumped in a cab quickly enough to make it work on time.  I decided to walk home at the end of the workday.  It was dry out (a rarity which one must take advantage of in Portland these days), I love being out in the long shadows that the evening sun creates, and then there's the issue of cab fare.  My hour and a half long walk left me with a ton of photos.  Themes developed among them.  It was a long walk.  It is a long post.

Requisite Blogger Feet

Sidewalks and Their Shadows

Portland Houses

 The Trees, The Trees


Business Buildings

From the Broadway Bridge


In that Nook

One little corner of our apartment remains nicely hidden from the rest of the space.  Back behind our desk is where Barry and I set up our work table.  We tucked it back in there so we could make a mess on it (me with beads and chain, he with bike parts and tools) that stays out of sight.  But you know me by now - no mess stays there for long.  It's just nice to have a special little spot for making:

And here's what was in the making this weekend.  A few of the necklaces are for Flirt in Brooklyn, a few are for Tender Loving Empire in downtown Portland, a few will go to Betsy & Iya in NW Portland, and a few are for Union Rose in SE Portland.  Tumbleweed in NE Portland already has a few.  Squint real hard or click to enlarge.