Shop Keep

I added a little sale section to the sulu-design shop
this morning.
Earrings listed there are 25% off their original price:

And I relisted a few basic favorites from the past, too:

New earrings and necklaces to follow...


Christmas Spirit Sue*

I haven't been around these parts much recently 'cause I've been a little, um... moody recently. It's an ugly, long-running pattern that repeats itself every December, but I think I've finally kicked it for 2011. I've spent lots of time by myself recently trying to figure out what goes wrong in my head before the holidays, but I still can't put my finger on it. None of the obvious holiday stress or winter weather/darkness seems to be the cause of it. Whatever it is, I nursed it with another batch of those buttermilk cornmeal honey biscuits and tried to kick it with few runs outside in the beautiful crisp winter weather we've had in Portland. A week or so later, I finally found myself on the other side.

And now I'm totally in the Christmas mood. I'm loving the cute little tree that Barry and I got last week. And I'm so excited that we'll be in Cleveland next week to see my family. It has been way too long.

We're leaving on the 20th, so if you're thinking of getting anything from the sulu-design shop, you may want to do so soon. Since everything listed in the shop is already made and ready to go, and since I ship orders immediately after they're placed, you can still order gifts from the shop that will arrive before the 25th. I'll probably add a few more new pieces to the shop tomorrow, and that'll be it 'til the new year.

*This post's title comes from a little song my brother made up about me when we were kids that he would sing every year around Christmas when I was acting particularly moody (or, at that age, bratty). The song is dripping with sarcasm, folks. And my brother was always able to take me to a new level of crabbiness by singing it. It didn't help that in the song he called me Sue. I'm Suzy or Susan. But never Sue. I love you, Peter. And I can't wait to see you. Hopefully I'll give you no reason this year to start singing your little ditty.


It's a Big One, Judy

A gal couldn't ask for a sweeter mother-in-law than the one I've got. Barry's mom, Judy, treats me as if I'm her own daughter. She's considerate, generous, and is always thinking of us. She has the admirable quality of being able to laugh at herself, she's got great style, and she always makes sure I order dessert when we go out to eat. Like I said, I couldn't ask for more.

We love you, Judy. Happy birthday.