It's a Big One, Dad

This is a big birthday year for lots of my loved ones. Today's a big one for my dad. Recently, I've been thinking about the time he spent with me the summer before my senior year in college. We stripped and refinished a few pieces of furniture (in the most meticulous manner, the only way my dad would have it) for me to take to my first apartment that fall. We spent hours sanding, priming, and painting in his workroom down in the basement, singing along to oldies on the radio while we worked. That was just one of countless projects he did with me as a kid - projects that encouraged me to work with my hands, to be creative, to see things through to the end, to do my best. Projects that I'll never forget.

I love you, Dad. Happy birthday.


For Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Clearly I have trouble committing to the plan of posting a pair of earrings everyday in November. So I'm finishing the month off now. Maybe I didn't post one a day, but 30 new pairs of earrings did make their way into the sulu-design shop, and that's just fine with me.

I've got the day to myself and am giddy with the potential of it all. Maybe a little Christmas shopping. Maybe a trip to Ikea. Maybe a burger and a beer at Clyde Common's happy hour. Apparently, it doesn't take much to make me giddy.


Back in the Saddle

Back in Portland after a nice visit in Richmond. Back on a bike after a week of healing. Back to posting in the sulu-design shop... for three more days.


M, T, W, Th, F, S (Insert Happy Thanksgiving)

Barry and I are on a plane to Richmond, Virginia to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family. Any orders from the sulu-design shop will ship first thing Saturday morning rather than within the usual 24 hour window. And instead of setting up posts to show you a new pair of earrings for each day this week, I thought I'd roll 'em all out now. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, friends.



Make New Friends But Keep the Old...

To be accurate, I should say,
"one is silver-tone and the other's gold-tone."
But that's not how the song I sang in Girls Scouts goes.


Kind of Staying On Track

I haven't been able to work out this week due to my bike mishap last week, so you'd think I'd have enough time on my hands to be on top of posting a pair of earrings in the sulu-design shop every day. But the latest issue of Everyday Food came. And it didn't seem right to do anything else until I'd made the honey buttermilk cornmeal biscuits on page 87. Oh, baby.

Pretend I Listed These Yesterday


Today is Gonig to Be A Lazy Day

So let's get this earring business out of the way nice and early.
Done. Let my Sunday begin.


More of the Pretty and Shiny

Some of you like the silver-tone hooks more than brass.
I gotcha.


Fancy Pants

The darkness will return. But right now how about a break with some pretty, shiny things?



A theme, I tell you.


Darkness is a Theme Right Now

Dark blue and black is a color combination I'm particularly fond of.



Missed a day of updating there. Let's blame it on an 8 inch tall curb and my (formerly) inflated sense of how high I can pick up the front wheel of my bike. I took a little spill the other day that has me a bit sore and lazy feeling. (Note to my mom and Barry's mom: I'm fine. Really, truly fine. Nothing to worry about. Really.) Now I'm catching up:


Do You Ever Get So Wrapped Up In Something...

that in order to get day-to-day things accomplished, you really have to remind yourself to do them? For example, I often have to write things like "cut fingernails" on my to-do list when I'm super busy with jewelry-making. And every once in a while (a rare while, I swear) we'll eat a box of Trader Joe's Roasted Gorgonzola crackers for dinner because grocery shopping slipped my mind as I was occupied with making jewelry drop-off appointments at boutiques in town. It's been like that a lot these days, as I'm trying really hard to get ahead with all things sulu-design before the holidays.

That's what the daily sulu-design shop updates are all about - I'd like a well-stocked shop when December rolls around (by the way, you should click on that image above to see the etsy listing - there are some close-up shots of that bottom bead, which I'm loving). And that's why I was running all around town yesterday, restocking Union Rose, Soletta, and Betsy & Iya with new pieces. Yes, I'd been to those last two shops just a week or two ago, but I'm happy to report that the special pieces that I make for them have been well-received and they needed more.

Have you started any holiday preparations already? Am I silly for doing things this early? And do you sometimes forget things like grooming and eating?


How Many Favorites Can One Have?

Today's addition to the sulu-design shop are personal favorites.


Did you do anything with your extra hour?

I worked on packing up beads that I don't have plans for so I can list them for sale on Craigslist. I've been pretty busy with jewelry-making lately, and my workspace has felt cluttered with supplies I know I'm not going to use. It felt good to take a break and edit my stash.


Speaking of Food

('cause I kind of was speaking of food there at the end of the last post):

Barry and I went to Sunshine Tavern the other night where we had awesome sandwiches and an amazing dessert - rice pudding made with arborio rice and topped with a plum compote. That's what's got risotto on my mind, and it has me thinking about having it for breakfast, all hot and creamy, with fruit. Oh, baby.

We've been enjoying this roasted cauliflower pasta recipe and this roast pork loin recipe at home recently.

I'm late in mentioning that Barry made me an awesome birthday pie to follow the spectacular birthday meal we had at June. I'm not a huge fan of cake (don't get me wrong - I'll eat it if it's in front of me, especially if it's chocolate and flourless) so Barry always makes me a special birthday dessert instead. This one rocked.

And not speaking of food, these guys are in the sulu-design shop now:



It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed in the morning as it's staying darker later. I'm looking forward to turning back the clocks soon... a little more light in the morning and cozy, dark evenings at home. Soup recipes have been on my mind. And risotto.


November Nesting

My dad will be happy to know that there's been some rearranging in our apartment recently, and there are no more 45 degree configurations to contend with now. We're back in our good old 90 degree comfort zone. I get lots of my... tendencies... from my dad.

With cold, wet weather on the way, I've been all about making our place a cozy one for hunkering down this winter. A couple new pillows, a stack of blankets pulled out of hiding, and a few more plants were top priorities. Now, to add a few movies to my library hold list. And maybe figure out some better lighting for the long, dark nights.

Trying to stick to my goal of adding new pieces to my etsy shop every day this month, I've added the earrings below today. I'm loving those blue beads - expect to see more of them...


A Day Late

I'm still on a birthday high, particularly because I received a few awesome gift certificates for my birthday that I get to put to good use now. This evening, I've got a massage at Loyly and dinner at Roost to look forward to, thank you very much. It's embarrassing how excited I get about stuff like this. I'm going to love every minute of it.

But I've been working my tail off, too, trying to get lots of jewelry ready for the holidays. You can now find lots of new sulu-design pieces in Portland at Tumbleweed, Betsy & Iya, Bonnet, Tender Loving Empire, and the newest locally-owned boutique to carry sulu-design, Soletta. I'm also trying to be on the ball with my etsy shop, so I've given myself the task of adding at least one new piece to the shop every day in November. I already missed the first day of the month. Good plan, huh? But these are in the shop now, made with super cute vintage bakelite buttons: