Lasagna and a Sale

A random lasagna with lemon recipe for dinner last night wasn't all that bad. Find the recipe from Martha Stewart Living via A Cup of Jo. As you know, I can't make a recipe without some sort of substitution. Skim milk worked fine in place of whole, turkey sausage was good in place of the standard pork, and kale held its own in place of Swiss chard. (Edited to add: we just had lasagna leftovers for dinner and decided it would be a lot better without the lemon.)

This Friday, April 1st, Union Rose is hosting pretty awesome event - they're having a Spring Cleaning sale in which their designers, all of whom are local Portlanders, are offering amazing discounts on previous seasons' items to move 'em on out. I'll have a trunk full of earrings (would you believe me if I said there are over 200 pairs in there?) and a handful of necklaces at half off their retail prices. There are some killer clothing and jewelry designers participating. Get there before they close up at 9.


Crazy Busy a.k.a. Excuses

a new sofa delivered, an old sofa and rocker swiftly sold
twelve straight days at work with a trip to Los Angeles nestled in the middle
a crazy infection in my finger and ten days worth of antibiotics thanks to too much jewelry-making
a dog-sitting stint
a bit of house-hunting for good friends who are moving to Portland
a guided loft tour (with the use of a laser pointer) by a fun and somewhat eccentric neighbor
my first visit to the dentist in four years
a restocking of sulu-design jewelry at several Portland boutiques
a damn good Italian sausage strata
a thorough down-on-hands-and-knees scrubbing of the entire apartment's floor followed by some serious rug rearranging
good beer at Clyde Common's happy hour
And you?


Shop Restock Part Six

(click on images above for links to shop listings)


Unrutting in the Kitchen

I'd been getting dull in the kitchen, friends. For the past several months, I haven't feel very inspired to make dinner after getting home from work. Two nights a week, it's been turkey burgers stuffed with light garlic and herb Laughing Cow cheese and a side of roasted vegetables. Two more nights, pasta with kale and turkey sausage (out of the casing... always out of the casing) with a spinach salad on the side. Fill in the other three nights with something like turkey chili (there's a turkey theme going on here, apparently), homemade pizza or risotto, maybe a chicken dish and you've got our week. I've been rotating through my same old dishes for what feels like forever now. They're tasty and healthy, but I'm getting down right sick of them.

Enter polenta. Inspired by a dish a Junior's in southeast Portland, I made polenta with sauteed leeks and mushroom with poached eggs for lunch the other day and made a couple variations of the meal for dinner (surprise... one included turkey sausage). I'm sure I'll tire of this equation soon, too, but for now it's shaking things up just enough.

I've also been relying on Everyday Food (thanks, Mom) for inspiration recently. I've made a few stir-fries, mixed up a tuna and anchovy dip that would make the men in my family gag but that I just love (it includes lemon juice, pepper flakes, and capers), and added a new cauliflower recipe to my repertoire thanks to the magazine.

Do you have any go-to meals that you rely on? Recipes that are easy enough to throw together after work, that don't require fancy ingredients, and that can be edited and altered without consequence ('cause I love to mess with a recipe)? Do share.


Not Shop Restock

After taking a bunch of photos of earrings made with some of my all-time favorite beads in order to list them in the sulu-design shop, I realized that almost every pair I'd photographed had already been listed in the shop... and the listings had all expired. It's funny to me that I'm so into these styles but clearly customers aren't. If by any chance you happen to love anything you see below and missed them while they were for sale on-line or if you have questions about the earrings you can e-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com. I'll send these earrings out at the cost of $14 a pair, shipping included (I'll send you an invoice via Paypal). And if no one bites, I just got myself four new pairs of earrings.


Shop Restock Part Five

(click images above for shop listings)


Shop Restock Part Four

The oldies but goodies. Wood beads and sea glass have always been popular around here. So I gave 'em another go. Click images for sulu-design shop listings:


Shop Restock Part Three

I've been digging really long earrings (and really long necklaces, for that matter) recently.

I love the length of both of these, and how cool are those green and yellow African beads in the top and bottom pairs?

And this pair... they're long enough that they lightly graze your collarbones when you wear them, but so lightweight that you barely notice you've got them in. Nice.


Shop Restock Part Two

I can't get enough of the little brass beads from Africa that I picked up a while ago. I've bought strand after strand of them, as evidenced in these (click on images to take you to sulu-design shop listings):


Shop Restock Part One

My current favorites, which I would have kept for myself had I not kept a necklace made with the same bead (and I don't do the matchy thing):

And their cousins (since both pairs are made with beads from Cargo):


I'm A Little Embarrassed to Admit:

~ that my hair is causing me more grief than something as trivial as hair should cause a rational person. I'm growing out a bad, waaaay too short haircut that I got back in November and am too scared to go for a trim until it grows a lot more. So right now I hate my hair, but even more I hate that I hate my hair.

~ that television has negatively affected my productivity in the evening. Up until a few months ago, Barry and I had been watching the few shows a week that we did watch on an old, boxy television that my dad won in a raffle about twenty years ago. It was getting hard to look at, so we didn't look at it often. We replaced the sad little box with a pretty new television several months ago, and now we watch a lot more television that we used to. Criminal Minds, specifically. Some lame station plays four hour-long rerun episodes in a row a few nights a week. We show up for it. That's finally come to an end this week.

~that it had been one and a half months since I'd updated the sulu-design shop (see embarrassment point #2 for my excuse). I finally got my act together today, thanks in part to the friendly nagging of one of sulu-design's biggest supporters who has become a sweet friend over the years. Marie has more than twenty pairs of sulu-design earrings and she's asking for more! The shop is freshly stocked now. And if you'll humor me, I'll feature several of my favorites here this week.

~ that I've been lazy, too, on the photo front. Not on taking them, but on posting them. So here are a few from a little trip Barry and I took last week to Vancouver, Washington to check out the antique malls:

Got anything embarrassing to admit?


The Storm Before the Calm

I'm really looking forward to the Girls Inc. event at Pure Space in the Pearl this evening. Forty designers and boutiques will be there and will donate 25 percent of sales to a truly wonderful cause. Once I'm there and I'll set up, I'll be good to go. This morning, though, is a mini whirlwind of preparation. Thanks go to my coworker, Erika, for trading work shifts with me so I could have the day off to get everything in order.

I've got a whole new collection of slinky necklaces for layering, my usual bold, bright earrings, and a new selection of dainty, super feminine earrings - all made with beautifully cut stones from my trip to NYC. I've got tons more than what I had time to photograph this morning. Tons. And I'll have my case of amazingly priced sale pieces, too. I hope I see you there tonight.


We Went Back

and picked up a couple of the woven pieces we saw at an interesting little antique shop near our place. They make perfect little rugs for our dresser tops.