That Event I Mentioned...

I'm proud to be a vendor at an event taking place on March 3rd (which is first Thursday in the Pearl, Portlanders) that will benefit the wonderful organization, Girls Inc. I'd love to see you there.


Putting the Beads to Use

While I was in New York, I stocked up on enough beads to last me through months of jewelry-making. As soon as I got home, I cut into a few strands to make new earrings and necklaces in anticipation of an upcoming event (details to follow tomorrow).

I saw this post by Alyson about a general dislike of turquoise a few days after I returned from New York, where I'd picked up quite a bit of the stone. What's funny is that I'm not usually a fan of the stone, either, at least not when it's used in a traditional southwestern fashion. But something about the geometric, modern cuts of the beads I came home with won me over.


To NYC, A Little Less Lightly

I went to New York City last week with my boss - kinda for work, mostly for fun. I packed more into four days than I thought would be possible: seeing Peter, Jennifer, and Luca (those cheeks, those thighs!), eating a bagel from my favorite spot in Astoria, catching up with my former colleague and friend Marilyn, swinging by Flirt to freshen up their sulu-design stock, hitting a couple Batali spots for dinner, and shopping more in two days than I have in an entire year. And yes, I lugged home lots and lots of beads. Like my last trip to NYC, I came home feeling really content - happy to have made the trip, glad to have lived in New York City long enough that I feel like I can always call it home, and thrilled to be back in Portland with Barry. I'm catching up on lots of things today... I'll be back tomorrow.


Happy Birthday, Barry

Thirty years ago, at age five, Barry was rocking the ripped jeans and cowboy boots while cruising around on a bike... it was so clear even then that he'd one day be Portland-bound.

His eclair smackdown verdict: Honore's won for presentation and chocolate filling. Ken's won for best pastry, though, and took the prize in the bang-for-the buck category. In other words, it's still undecided... he'll have to try again next year.


When One's Birthday Is on Valentine's Day...

one should really start celebrating early in order to reap all of the benefits of both the birthday and the holiday. What better way to start the celebrations than with a taste test of eclairs from two of our favorite bakeries? Barry will weigh in with the results later this week. I'm just an innocent bystander. Dinner at Little Bird tonight will be treat enough for me... until the celebrations are in full swing tomorrow.


Update, Kinda

Like I mentioned in yesterday's post, I've been feeling pretty lazy about jewelry lately. I've actually been busy working on new designs and getting them to shops here in Portland, but I've felt totally unmotivated to photograph and post my new jewelry designs on-line. My interest in sitting at the computer, uploading and editing photos, typing descriptions of pieces for etsy listings, and preparing blog posts about them has been non-existent. I had to muster up a lot of energy just to get that handful of Original Intent posts together a couple weeks ago. I'm sure my energy for this stuff will return, but for now I'm laying low. Please use your imagination to conjure up images of lots of new things that I've been working on. We can compare notes later.

If you're in Portland, there are plenty of spots where you can find these new sulu-design pieces that are only imaginable elsewhere. Last week I dropped off several new designs at Bonnet and Idom (a few necklaces along the lines of the one I'm wearing in the post below are available there now). Union Rose also got a fresh selection of sulu-design jewlery. And Tender Loving Empire, one of the local shops that made my heart swell in my pre-Christmas post is now carrying sulu-design jewlery, too. I'm psyched to have my pieces in such an awesome shop, especially since it means sulu-design is now available right along side the beautiful jewelry designed by my friend Betsy (a few of the pieces in her new "Origins" line have my name all over them).

Back when I'm feeling it, friends...


One of Him, One of Me (With Lots of Parenthesis)

Our weekend: mountain biking at Sandy Ridge (note to self: figure out a way to get over crabbiness about stuff you're not instantaneously good at... like mountain biking), great beer (Kingpin at Bridgeport), a new-to-us antique shop with amazing textiles (we're going back for a second look and maybe a purchase), long walks with cameras (Barry's been good about updating his photo blog), coffee and reading at Cloud Seven Cafe (funny to be there finishing up a book with a main character who loathes coffee), The Illusionist at Cinema 21 (my expectations were too high based on my love of The Triplets of Belleville), and lots of thinking about why I've been a bit lazy on the jewelry front. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.


Sometimes I Buy Stuff, Sometimes It Doesn't End There

I've been meaning to say a few nice words about some great customer service I've received in the recent past. Three companies in particular have really come through for me:

Billykirk - I invested in a gorgeous piece of luggage from this company for Barry several years ago. A while back, the fabric started to pull a bit around some of its grommets and I was worried about the material tearing further. I exchanged e-mails with one of the designers who was truly pleasant, I sent the bag back to the company, and I was delighted when they returned it with each of the grommet entry points reinforced with leather discs. The bag looks and performs better than ever. I've since purchased a card case/wallet from the company, again for Barry, and he loves it.

Gilt Groupe - This site is a guilty pleasure of mine, no pun intended. A customer where I work turned me on to this website and while I prowl it regularly, I've only made one purchase - a purchase that ended up not meeting my expectations. The customer service people at Gilt were totally lovely about it and made an exception to their return policy, refunding the full purchase price to my credit card. As a customer, I'm all for finding out a shop's return policy before making a purchase, but I'm also all for making little exceptions when they're reasonable. Thanks, Gilt.

Dansk - When a gorgeous salt and pepper mill that my brother and sister-in-law gave us stopped working properly, the nice people at Dansk sent postage for the defective one and replaced it with a brand new mill, no questions asked. Nice.

Speaking of great service, Barry and I had a wonderful waiter, fantastic beer, and awesome food at Saraveza last week. And on our most recent visit to Meat Cheese Bread, the counter guy gave us considerably less attitude than the first time we were there. That's not a glowing recommendation, I know, but it's nice to see some improvement, right?

Who's done right by you recently?