Weekend Recap ('Cause Mine Ends on Tuesday)

a bike ride along the Willamette
several new-to-me authors, several short stories
summer IPA brewed at The New Old Lompoc

yummy egg sandwiches at Lovejoy Bakers
strawberry and pea picking at Kruger's Farm

a quick visit to the beach on Sauvie Island
(before running from the man-eating mosquitoes)

already thinking about the next one...


Shop News and News News

A little sulu-design shop update this morning:

(click images above to take you directly to listings)

And a little news: I'm excited that Abby and Chelsea have announced plans for the little winter sale to take place in Portland in November. And I'm super excited to say that I'll be part of it. More on that later. There are berries to be picked and beaches to be strolled upon on Sauvie Island...


On the Seventh Day

I've been happily busy restocking sulu-design pieces at all of the shops that carry my designs. If you're in Portland, you can find all new earrings and necklaces at Tumbleweed in Northeast, Union Rose in Montavilla, and Bonnet in the Pearl. Moxie in Southeast and Idom in Northwest recently received a fresh collection of sulu-design jewelry, too. If you're in New York City, you'll find new sulu-design pieces at Flirt in Park Slope, Brooklyn, and Apartment 141 in the East Village in about a week. And if you happen to find yourself in Malmo, Sweden, you can stop by Liebling for an assortment of colorful earrings later this week.

Now that the brick and mortar shops are taken care of, I'm heading out to enjoy the beautiful summer weather that has finally descended upon Portland. A bike ride along the Springwater Corridor to Sellwood Riverfront Park, a good book, some iced coffee... sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. Then it's back to work - as promised, there will be sulu-design etsy shop updates all week long. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, friends.


All Work and Some Play

Before we left for Cleveland, I mentioned that there would be a sulu-design shop update when I returned. But six days a week of work-work and one day a week of jewelry-work has left me with little time to photograph and list things in the shop. After I get several jewelry orders out to shops in the next couple days, though, there will be new designs available on-line.

I did take a break from work earlier this week and rode my bike to Mississippi Street with Barry to have lunch at Mee Sen. We also swung by two of my favorite shops in town - Ampersand and the newly opened Monograph, both on Alberta Street.


While We're on the Subject of Food...

We were, weren't we? I, at least, usually am. So. While in Cleveland, my parents treated us to meals at two of Michael Symon's restuarants, B Spot and Lola. B Spot was good (what a beer list that place has), and Lola was great.

The night we arrived back in Portland, we had dinner at County Cat, a newish-to-us favorite that I've been meaning to mention. I highly recommend their Monday and Tuesday night specials.

Dinners otherwise have been at home and simple. Last night, shrimp, mango, white corn, and cilantro quesadillas. Tonight, pasta salad with chicken, kalamata olives, feta, peas, and red pepper. What's been on your table recently?


Dear Minneapolis,

I'm sure that if we met under different circumstances, I'd think you're one cool city. But with all of our delayed - and most recently canceled - connecting flights at your airport, you're going to have to work really hard to win me over. I promise to give you another chance, but right now, I'm not impressed with the stinky Ramada in the Mall of America parking lot.



I'm in the Air and It's in the Water

Barry and I are flying to Cleveland this morning to visit family and to celebrate with my brother and sister-in-law who are expecting a baby in August. I cannot wait to see everyone. We'll throw a shower for Jennifer on Saturday. I made sets of hand-printed note cards as party favors:

This pregnancy thing is seriously going around. Our friends Holly and Mike are expecting, as are our friends Kristin and Mark. And pregnant bloggers abound: Leya, Amy, Abby, Traci, Stephanie... have I missed anyone?

I'll be back next week with some Cleveland love and a shop update. Be good until then.


Weekend Recap

an apartment rearrangement - we're on our fifth or sixth in as many months... living in a wall-less space makes furniture arrangement possibilities endless

a brief but glorious break from the gray and rain that has lingered in Portland for too long now

a donation made to Friends of the Children thanks to the support of so many of you