Warm Heart

I hope you all had a merry Christmas. We arrived back last night from a wonderful visit with my family in Cleveland. For as antsy and crabby as I can act when I'm around them (and they all know exactly what I mean), I love my family to death. To have all of my family members in one place this Christmas was awesome.

Spending time with my nephews and niece was particularly great. They treated us to performances of Christmas classics on the piano, accordion, and trumpet. They amazed us with their knowledge and appreciation for art as we checked out the Gauguin exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art. They kicked my butt at Scrabble. And they gave tons of unsolicited hugs.

The fact that their lizard is named after me doesn't hurt either. I think they're the most amazing kids around.

Suzy the Gecko


Nothing Like a Full Plate

When superstar jewelry-maker Betsy invites you to be part of an open studio sale the day before you're leaving for a week with your family, when you have to work every day until you leave, when you still have to pack your entire apartment before you go since you're moving as soon as you get back, when there is still purging to be done and appointments to be met, you don't think twice. You drop what you can, you wake up early and stay up late taping cardboard boxes, you do what you need to do to be there. So. This Saturday from noon to 4 or 5-ish, stop by Betsy's studio in the Active Space building at 1722 NW Raleigh Street, #104, to pick up some holiday gifts at seriously reduced prices. Betsy and I will both be offering great deals on lots of our designs from this past year so you can get some holiday gifts at a sweet price and we can start the new year with a clean slate. I'll be there towards the later end of things. Betsy, wine and cheese will be there the whole time.


Change of Address

Have I failed to mention to all of you why:
... we're purging like mad?
... my etsy shop will be closed from December 20th until the new year?
... we don't have a single holiday decoration up in the apartment?
... instead of giving only handmade gifts that we made ourselves this Christmas, we'll be giving handmade goods by others and other locally purchased gifts, too?

Two days after we return from Cleveland, Barry and I will become first-time home owners of a pretty little loft here in Portland. We'll be moving in at the end of the month, two short days after we get back from Cleveland. Things have been hectic around here for the past couple weeks to say the least, but it's all worth it. This is the perfect way for us to welcome in the new year, I'd say.


Just Can't Do It

While holding a blog give-away seemed to be the consensus on what to do with my scary sweater, I just don't think that I'm ready to part with it yet. Helen, a member of my former knitting group in Queens, was right about most everything she wrote in her comment yesterday, but after reading it all and nodding in agreement, I'm still coming to a different conclusion than she did about the sweater's fate. I'm holding on to it, at least for now, just like I'm holding on to the stack of over-sized t-shirts that list the names of all of the kids in the graduating classes during the years that I taught sixth grade in the Bronx. I'll never wear the sweater, I'll never wear the shirts, but they hold too much meaning and memory for me right now to ditch them. I am however, taking a car-full of some pretty great stuff that I'm not as emotionally attached to (vintage photo frames, ceramics, games, and jewelry; a cool mirror; some funky old theater seats; an antique fan; the list goes on...) to Rerun tomorrow. Seriously, once I start this purging thing, I can't stop.


What the hell do you do with this...

when you're really trying to be good about getting rid of stuff? It's the first and only sweater I've knit. It was a summer-long saga that taught me so many knitting skills. It reminds me of my Long Island City, Queens knitting group. Which is all to say that I'm kind of attached to it. But it's purple. It's hot pink. And it's acrylic. And yeah, there's that huge skull and crossbones thing on the arm. I am not a purple girl, nor am I a pink girl, nor am I into acrylic yarn or skulls and crossbones. What the heck was I thinking when I knit this? Actually, I remember thinking, "Hey, the yarn is a dollar a skein. I can buy a lot without investing too much, learn how to knit a sweater, and I'll figure out intarsia to boot." And now I've got an ugly sweater dilemma on my hands.


The Mother of All Purges...

is taking place at our apartment right now. Barry and I are going to usher in 2010 with a lot less junk in our lives, thanks to:

Powell's - for the books we've read and won't reread
What's Upstairs - a great little women's clothing consignment shop here in Portland
Well Suited - a consignment shop for men
Buffalo Exchange - for the clothing the consignors wouldn't take
Craigslist - for getting rid of a bike (a truly beautiful but unused bike), countless bike parts, tons of beads, and lots of other little doodads
Goodwill - for everything else

We're trying to be ruthless, keeping only what we need and what we love. And then there the few random things that we just can't part with for whatever reason, like these items found in an old tool box that we acquired when we moved into this apartment:


Got Your Earrings?

The last three before the new year...

all are available in the sulu-design shop now (click the photos to take you there). As I've mentioned, I'll be shipping orders up until the 20th of December, at which point I'll be taking a little shop break until the new year. Thanks for checking in, friends.


Like I Said, Three a Day

Click images above for links to shop listings. I hope you've had a good start to your week.


One, Two, Three

A shop update today, another tomorrow, and a third the day after that, each consisting of just three pairs of earrings... and then I think I'm done adding to the sulu-design shop until the new year. I'll continue to ship out orders until the 20th of December, but then I'm heading out of town and won't resume shipping until January. For the first time since we moved to Portland, Barry and I have been lucky enough to be able to plan to be with our families on the actual days of Thanksgiving and Christmas. I can't wait to get to Cleveland in a couple weeks to see my family. Actually, I can wait. I have a lot of stuff to squeeze into the next 2 weeks. I hope your holiday plans are falling into place. Ours are moving right along.