Race Day

Barry's cyclocross season is in full swing. These races are so Portland to me.

Cyclocross checklist:
Rain, mud
Wool socks
Water-proof outerwear
Good coffee courtesy of Chris King
Oatmeal from the nice folks at Bob's Red Mill
Great local beer
Belgian waffles, frites
Beautiful bicycle gear
Sweet bikes (hand-built, for the lucky ones)

Speaking of hand-built bikes, did you see the October/November issue of Readymade with the feature on Portland's bike builders? It was a great issue all around... made me want an A-frame house in the middle of the woods.

We're taking a break from cyclocross this weekend as this week's race is out of town. We're thinking about hitting a flea market (one of the things I miss most about NYC). What'll you be up to?


A Hint of Green

Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes, friends. I have to say, this was a bit of an odd birthday for me. Usually I'm all about making the celebrations last for the entire month of October, but this year, with all that I've had on my mind recently, I really almost forgot about my birthday until it fell in my lap. Almost. We are extending the celebrations a bit with a dinner out tonight at a new restaurant we've been anxious to try. I'm thinking that maybe I've matured a bit and don't need to be a big baby about my birthday anymore. Or maybe not.

I've got one last grouping of earrings to post that are all offered at $12 per pair, shipping included. You won't find them in my etsy shop. E-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you're interested in any of these designs from previous seasons and I'll e-mail you and invoice for them. A few of the mother of pearl, black, colorful, and shiny styles are still available at the sale price, too.

Thanks again, and have a wonderful week.


Now the Shiny Ones

(edit: bottom right pair sold)

The last group of $12 earrings this week are of the faceted variety. If these or any of the earrings I've posted this week appeal to you, e-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com. I'll send you a paypal invoice for $12 a pair and mail the earrings to you this weekend, free of shipping charges. Thanks, and have a great weekend, friends.



Bursts of Color

And the $12 earrings march on. E-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you'd like to purchase any of them.


Basic Black

(edit: top left and two pairs on top right sold)

(edit: top right pair sold)

More earrings for $12 a pair. E-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com if you're interested in any of 'em.


Everything Happens for a Reason...

is a load of hogwash in my opinion. I'm too practical and unromantic to think that. Fate shmate. What I do think, though, is that those things that happen to us that are out of our control open up unexpected opportunities for us. There's so much potential in how we react to unforeseen events. So I spent one day wallowing (wallowing is best, I found, when paired with a pitcher of Inversion and an insanely good Reuben at Deschutes Brewery) in the news about our apartment going on the market, and then Barry and I got to work. We've been looking for a new place to call home and talking about things that we probably should have been talking about for a while now. Nothing is settled, we don't know when we'll have to move or where we'll be going, but now I'm feeling far less shaken about having to move than I felt when we first heard the news.

While we've got some big fish to fry right now, I keep thinking about the most ridiculous thing: a week before we found out about our apartment going on the market, I'd ordered a roll of address labels for my sulu-design shipments. A thousand of 'em. All with our current address. What the heck am I going to do with a thousand incorrect address labels once we move? In the interest of using up as many of those bad boys as I can before the address is no longer valid, and in the interest of packing as few things as possible, I'm doing a little clearance of some of my summer earring designs. Instead of listing them in my etsy shop, I'm going to post photos here and offer these styles at $12 a pair. If you're interested in anything you see, e-mail me at sulu-design@hotmail.com (don't leave a comment about them - I don't receive e-mails from blogger about comments most of the time). I'll e-mail a paypal invoice to you and send the earrings off at the end of the week with no shipping charge. I'm staring with mother of pearl. More to come later this week.

(edit: middle and right pairs sold)

(edit: left pair sold)

(edit: left and middle pair sold)

(edit: two middle pairs sold)

(edit: both pairs sold)

Thanks for your sweet, supportive comments on the last post. You guys are the greatest.



The owner of the apartment that Barry and I rent is putting the unit up for sale. We can't afford to buy it. There are things that drive us a bit nuts about this place, but we've become seriously attached to it, too. I've been moping a bit and looking at photos of the apartment to torture myself.

I've also been making myself homesick for New York City - Queens in particular - by following the blog for me, for you. It's one of those days where wallowing in thoughts of "why can't it be?" seems like the only thing to do.


Dippy Eggs

I woke up this morning to a little battle being waged in my belly. The anchovies, black olives, and mushrooms that were on the pizza I made for dinner last night were not getting along well in there. That could only mean one thing: dippy eggs were in order for breakfast. My mom used to make dippy eggs for me as a kid and serve them in a Humpty Dumpty egg cup - what a comforting breakfast. It had been years since I'd made one, so I had to consult Mr. Bittman for boiling time. In case you're looking, he uses the more widely accepted name for dippy eggs in his book: soft-boiled eggs. Some dry toast. A salt shaker. Done. Hoping this settles the stomach...

Have you joined in on Abby's week of breakfast?
I'm back to my cereal tomorrow.


One of These Things is Not Like the Others*

The circle pieces I posted last were warmly received... thank you for your nice comments and support of my designs. So the second sulu-design shop update this week includes a little restocking of a sold-out circle earring style as well as a few brand new circle designs. And thrown in there at the bottom is my new favorite, totally unrelated to the whole circle thing - a long gray bead that I'm wearing almost everyday (what was that I said about rarely making earrings for myself?). Click images below for links to shop listings:

*Remember that funky, similarly titled bit from Sesame Street (performed to the same tune as "Which of These Kids is Doin' his Own Thing")? And speaking of funky, please pardon the inconsistent lighting in the above photos. Shooting those silver-tone pieces is tough.


In Local News

-Portland's weather has been ridiculous in its autumn perfection. Ree-dic-u-lous.

-Cool Moon was giving out complimentary scoops of their pumpkin ice cream yesterday. How nice that Barry and I had to walk past the place on our way to the post office. Seeing the Spicy Thai Chili ice cream in the shop will get us back in there, and soon. Check out their other amazing flavors.

-Idom, owned by the sweet and talented designer Modi, is the newest shop in Portland to carry sulu-design pieces. And for non-locals, the week's first sulu-design shop update:

Click images above for links to each item's shop listing. Or check out the entire shop here.

What's going on in your neck of the woods?


A Working Breakfast

Abby is hosting a week of breakfasts over on her blog. On most days, I squeeze in a boring bowl of cereal between working out and running off to work. I won't bore you with photos of Kashi all week long (don't get me wrong - I love my Kashi). Monday is part of my weekend, though, so I have more time on Monday mornings to sit and enjoy something special for breakfast. This morning - walnut currant bread from the bakery down the street from where I work, a spread of goat cheese, a drizzle of honey, and a crisp apple pear on the side, all of which I'm nibbling on while I do non-work work (that means I'm doing jewelry stuff). You can expect a few sulu-design shop updates this week with more of those little circles and several new designs for fall, too. Have a great day, and join in on breakfast week, won't you?


First Thursday at Bonnet

Hey, Portlanders! If you're out and about in NW Portland tonight for First Thursday events, I'd love for you to swing by Bonnet on NW11th between Flanders and Glisan. I'll be there, making jewelry in the shop. Bonnet's got adorable hats for fall, and a great new selection of sulu-design pieces, too. Hope to see you there.