The Big Bad Cousins

Rarely do I make jewelry for myself, but I'm really hung up on circles right now, so I made myself a dainty silver-tone necklace like the ones I posted yesterday and I made a bigger, bolder antiqued brass-tone necklace for myself, too. It looks like one of these guys:

Both are in the sulu-design shop now. Click on images above for their listings.

And it's official: as of this morning, I've let go of summer. I squeezed all I could out of it - in fact, I had one of the best summers yet. I didn't want to see it go, but I woke up today to amazingly crisp fall weather and I'm so excited for this season. Tights and boots to work today, and roasted root vegetables for dinner tonight. I'm on it.


Super Simple Circles

Last week I mentioned I'd been working on some new jewelry designs. Here's round one, full of this sweet little silver-tone circle I can't get enough of. Tomorrow, I'll introduce it's big bad brass-tone cousin.

Click on images above for links to listings in the sulu-design shop. Have a wonderful week, everyone!


Less and Best

This weekend, I got rid of several inches of my long-hair security blanket. Now I'm looking around to see what else I can get rid of. Purging has been a major theme in my life for years now. I'm surprised we have anything left in the apartment.

By the way, is anyone else as psyched as I am to watch the Ken Burns PBS documentary, "America's Best Idea?"

Utah's National Parks: Zion

The big daddy of Utah's parks, Zion was really the show-stopper. There are so many visitors to this park that cars aren't allowed through most of it - people are shuttled on park buses from place to place. That was a little unappealing to me, so having our bikes to get around on was the perfect solution.

Our first night there rode on a quiet road past a family of deer with a little big-eared doe (you would have melted, Mom) to a trailhead that led us to gorgeous hidden ponds.

The following morning, we hiked Angels Landing, a trail recommended to us by several friends. It was a mildly terrifying hike, but the views were stunning. Check out those how little those shuttle buses looked from the peak:


Utah's National Parks: Bryce Canyon

There was no avoiding the crowds here, but the sheer magnitude of Bryce Canyon's dramatic landscape made it worth the visit. Holy hoodoos!


Utah's National Parks: Capitol Reef

I can't give a fair judgment of Capitol Reef - we breezed through it on our way to two other parks that were calling our names much louder than it was. The petroglyphs there were pretty amazing, but the true awesomeness of the trip would soon follow.


Utah's National Parks: Canyonlands

Light rain followed us to our second park. Whether it was the weather or the somewhat out-of-the-way entrance to the particular section of the park we visited, there was no crowd at Canyonlands, making the trail there really special. We hiked through crazy rock formations that felt other-worldly. After getting spooked a bit by jarring claps of thunder while on the trail, we headed back to the car and started west on one of the most scenic highways we've ever been on. Seriously. The sights were jaw-dropping... even tear-inducing in their beauty. If ever the opportunity presents itself, take the long drive along 95 between Canyonlands and Hanksville.


Utah's National Parks: Arches

Our first park visit: Arches, just outside of the town of Moab. Aptly named, the park was full of cool bridge-like rock formations.

The weather was intensely moody while we were in Arches, threatening to dump rain on us at any minute. The skies waited until we were safely tucked into our tent in a beautiful camp site on the Colorado River. Then we saw a spectacular storm, with dramatic thunder and lightening.


Helper, Utah

One of my favorite parts of vacationing in the National Parks (you may remember that I love the National Park System in the U.S.) is getting to the parks. The small towns that we've explored along the way to our final destinations are just as exciting to me as the parks themselves. My favorite town that we passed through on our way to Utah's National Parks was the adorably named town of Helper, Utah. Clearly, I went a little nutty with my camera there.


We're Back

It's good to be home in Portland, the land of strong coffee and good beer... both of which Utah could learn a thing or two about. Granted, we were drinking a lot of service station coffee. That being said, our week in Utah was spectacular. The southern part of that state is insane - the geographic features are gorgeous beyond belief. I'll bore you with photos of them and other shots from our trip this week. And then hopefully I'll have some shop updates to post about. Since I've been back, I've been working on new earrings and necklaces that I'm excited to share with you. I hope you all are well. I've got some catching up to do now.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Sixty

discarded mattress
(my neighborhood has seen lots of these recently),

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Fifty-Nine

blue wall and green plant, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Fifty-Eight

jefferson high school, portland

inspired earrings found here



Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Fifty-Six

miller paint exterior, portland

inspired earrings found here