See You on the Other Side of Thanksgiving

As promised, I added a few more pieces to the sulu-design shop before heading out to Cleveland tomorrow:

Images above are direct links to listings. Items ordered from the sulu-design shop today will be in the mail first thing tomorrow morning. All items ordered after that, up through December 2nd, will be mailed on December 3rd. Thanks, friends. To those of you in the states, have a happy Thanksgiving. I'm officially checking out until we get back. Off to the home of no computer!


One Two Punch

One more sulu-design shop update today (this one's a little bit punchy) and another small one to follow early next week before Barry and I head to Cleveland for Thanksgiving. Cleveland for Thanksgiving! I'm really psyched to see my family. Maybe my excitement is the source of the intense colors I've been working with recently:

Images above are links to shop listings. For those of you thinking about holiday orders, a note on shipping: Orders placed on or before November 24th will be shipped within 24 hours, as usual. All orders placed between November 25th and December 2nd will ship on December 3rd. After that, regular 24 hour shipping will occur through December 30th.


Sir Links A Lot

Today is the adorable Marissa's birthday. Click on over and wish her a happy one. While you're there, check out the insanely delicious soup recipe she posted (and illustrated) a couple days ago. I made it the very day I saw she'd posted it, and Barry and I devoured the entire pot in two day's time. So. Freaking. Good.

Speaking of soup, check out Shona's recipes, too. She's on a big soup kick herself. I may just have to declare this my Winter of Soup. And of Crusty Bread.

Oh, and the soup talk reminds me... the last pot I made included rosemary from the garden of my super sweet boss, who brought me fresh herb clippings this week. And I've been meaning to mention that the fabulous boss lady started her own blog.

And while I'm on a roll, I should mention that Betsy, my new jewelry-designing friend, started her own blog, too. Click away, friends.

edit: Turns out it's Jamie's birthday, too. The goodness just keeps coming!


Good Morning

Before we moved to Portland, back when I was a public school teacher in the Bronx, mornings had a very different feeling to me than they do now. I used to wake painfully early to the sound of an alarm that blared in the pitch black morning. I'd stumble around the apartment in a half-asleep daze, confused by being torn too early from my rest, bumping into furniture in the darkness. Occasionally, I'd be so taken with exhaustion that I'd be in tears in the shower, crying over nothing in particular, but feeling like I didn't have the energy to face another day... another really hard day. When I finally got myself together enough to leave the apartment, and after I'd returned once or twice our place to retrieve the Metrocard or keys I'd somehow always manage leave on the table in the front hall, I'd make my way to the subway, which was often its own morning battle. And another day would begin.

Now that we've moved and I've changed jobs, mornings have such a different quality to them. I wake without an alarm, often in time to see the sun rise over Mount Hood from where I lie in our bed. I have a leisurely couple of hours during which I sip on several cups of coffee. I take strolls around my neighborhood in Portland's amazing morning sunlight. I stop at the cafes and fabulous bakeries we are so lucky to have here. I work on jewelry. I meet up with breakfast dates. I hang out with Barry. I get in indulge in all of the simple things that make me love living. My work day starts three hours later than it used to, and that time allows me to make the start of my day truly wonderful, making mornings my favorite time of day. I never thought I'd say it, but I am officially a morning person.

So, friends, what time of day do you love?


On a Roll

Another big update in the sulu-design shop, another attempt to be on top of the holidays this year. I think it might just happen this time...

Images above are direct links to listings. Or check out all of the listings here.
Hope your weekend is off to a good start. We're in for a glorious one here in Portland.


Day and Night, Night and Day

While my evenings have been busy with holiday gift-making for my family, I've reserved mornings for jewelry-making. Expect lots of sulu-design shop updates in the next week or so, starting with these pieces:

Images above are, as always, direct links to listings.

Hope you're well, friends.
Back soon...


Tags? I don't do no stinkin' tags!

Unless, of course, a severely pregnant woman demands that I do. I don't mess with pregnant ladies. So when Kathy tagged me to post six quirky details about myself, I thought I'd halfway comply. Here's my lame attempt... three random photos that never made it to Original Intent status:

That's all I got today, folks.
I'm waist-deep in handmade holiday preparations.


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Thirty-Seven

berries poking through fence, portland

inspired earrings found here


Original Intent (Revisited): Day One Hundred Thirty-Six

fall tree against fall sky, portland

inspired earrings found here



Crafty Itch: Exhibit B - Printing

I have two ladies to thank for my second bout of recent craft frenzy. First there is Abby, who lent me her copy of Lotta Prints, the book that really got this crafty ball rolling. And then there is the fabulous sales clerk at Collage on Alberta Street who gave me tons of great advice on supplies and techniques for my new printing obsession. I picked up a Speedball block printing starter kit and a sheet of speedy-carve and haven't looked back, making stamps non-stop, Original Intent style:

Do you see the faint lines in the road on that second to last photo that inspired the stamp? I'm really digging those...
I've been thinking up lots of printing projects, but the one I jumped at first was a project that Lotta suggested in her book - labeling jars:

Lotta's got lots of beautiful printing ideas in her book, and I've got a few more up my sleeve. If you have any great printing/stamping project ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.

My crafty itch continues in full force, but it dawned on me that I can't post about much of it as it's wrapped up in handmade holiday gift-making for my family (members of which are avid readers here... right, family?). I started my handmade holiday preparation several weeks ago and am rolling full force, so as not to have a repeat of last December. What are you handmaking for the holidays?


Crafty Itch: Exhibit A - Belting

After chatting with a friend of a friend who makes leather bracelets, I had to check out his source for all leather craft supplies, Oregon Leather Company in Old Town Portland. It's such a cool store, full of leather in any form you could hope to find it, full of buckles and tacks, full of lots of old-fashioned doodads that are fun to poke through. I told myself that I had to start slow, that I could buy enough supplies for one project and when it was complete I could come back. So I hurried up and made this, a simple belt to tie around my tunics and too-big sweaters:

With my remaining material I made another belt, almost exactly the same as the one above but with a four-strand braid tie, thanks to this tutorial. And now that all of my leather is used up, I get to go back to Oregon Leather Company. Nice.


Cyclocross Sunday in Black and White

A photographer who shows up at Barry's Cyclocross races every Sunday takes gorgeous black and white photos at the events. His shots are the reason I used the black and white setting on my digital camera at this week's race:

Back soon with the results of the crafty itch that I've been scratching...