When a Knee Injury Is a Blessing

I couldn't go for my evening run today. I somehow messed up my knee while running yesterday, and have been in pain all day (yes, Mom, I'll see a doctor if it doesn't feel better soon). The injury was a bit of a blessing, though, as I am swamped with etsy-related work and could use an excuse to stay home and take care of some things. The upcoming holidays have sent several orders my way, and between trying to wrap them up attractively, running to the post office to send them off, making more pieces to fill requests, and trying to restock the sulu-design etsy shop, I'm busier than ever. I added these new earrings to the shop this evening:

found here

found here
(Such fish love! Who knew?!?)

found here

found here

and last but not least, found here

I've got a few more pairs to work on tonight, and then I hope to catch up on my blog reading - I'm longing for a desk job right about now! I hope you all are well. Thanks for checking in.


When Does Hobby Become Addiction?

It all started out so innocently. My intentions were to make a quick trip to the bead store to pick up one type of bead. Just one. The white milky oval one. I was going to make a couple pieces for a customer who missed out on the ones that I posted in my etsy shop - the ones made with the bead in question. The quick trip lasted a bit longer than I intended (and cost a bit more, too), resulting in the purchase of the following:

I have no real need for these beads now. I've stopped by Flirt, JetSet, Sodafine, and Subdivision to drop off pieces for the holiday shopping rush. I've got several pieces on hand to add to the sulu-design etsy shop, and I've got my holiday gifts covered. I DO NOT NEED MORE BEADS RIGHT NOW! But I couldn't resist. So, while I was expecting to post a lovely picture of a home-cooked meal this evening (we're having tilapia with a black bean salsa, in case you were dying to know), you're getting beads instead.

P.S. I'm so glad to read that Crystal is enjoying her newly arrived sulu-design earrings. Thanks for posting about them on your blog, Crystal!



is the only way to describe how I feel about being included in Venus Zine's Indie Giver Guide! I was contacted last week by the on-line zine about featuring sulu-design jewelry in their most recent gift guide, but because I was running out the door to catch a plane to Richmond, I didn't reply right away. Hoping it wasn't too late, I contacted the web editor today, and, well... phew! I was so excited to see that Jessica, the master mind behind Funky Finds, wrote the sweetest blurb on me and my work for the guide. Now, I'm off to the 24 hour automated postal center (love it!) to send Venus a couple pairs of earrings for their gift giveaway. You may recognize these...

both of which will go to the giveaway's winner. I had to include a pair of fish - they're quickly becoming the signature sulu-design piece. More updates to the sulu-design etsy shop are soon to come, and hopefully some photos of a good home-cooked meal, too. It's been a while...



The funny thing about long weekends is that I often need another weekend to recover from all that time off. Barry and I had a wonderful stay in Richmond. My thanks go to Mike and Judy, our amazing hosts and my fabulous in-laws. Before heading back to NYC yesterday afternoon, we were able to run over to a couple galleries where Mary, a blog friend, has pieces on exhibit, only to find the galleries closed (I guess we'll have to try again when we visit in December).


We then proceeded to the airport, arriving the suggested two hours early for our flight. As luck would have it, our flight (and only our flight) was delayed several hours, so we didn't arrive home until close to midnight. Between my travel-induced weariness, the late hour I was finally able to get to bed, and the residual turkey hangover that I was nursing, I couldn't get myself together this morning, and I didn't go to work. I tried to take it easy today, but I'm still not feeling quite right. I better snap out of it soon, though - I don't think my principal looks favorably on stretching four day weekends into six. I hope your return to work was as pleasant as possible...


A Visit to Richmond Just Isn't Complete Without...

Shopping in Carytown, especially at JetSet and the newly improved Que Bella, which stocks an amazing selection of shoes):

Swinging by Halcyon to drool over their vintage wares, which are priced so affordably:

Taking a walk with Barry down by the river, where gorgeous old factories are being converted into lofts:

Followed by breakfast at our all-time favorite, Millie's Diner. We've got a couple more stops before we have to board the plane - an antique mall and a few galleries. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. By the way, Crystal, a new pair of goldfish have made their way into my etsy shop!


JetSet - Richmond, VA

Even if I didn't love Richmond (which I do), even if I didn't love all of the little indepently owned shops in Carytown (which I do), and even if I didn't love the amazing selection of clothing and accessories at JetSet (which I do, I do, I do!), I would still love stopping by this boutique, just to visit with its owner, Amy. She is one of the most outgoing and energetic people you could hope to meet. I dropped by to see her yesterday, and was thrilled to see the amazing sulu-design display that she has up for Christmas.

Amy picked out around twenty-five pairs of sulu-design earrings and necklaces, which are now displayed in the front of her shop. If you live in the Richmond area, you've got to check out JetSet to see the awesome lines of clothing she carries (I made a little wish list myself while I was there) and admire that adorable tree!


Post Script

I hadn't seen this before I posted today (otherwise, posting it would have been my first order of business). Congratulations to the crafty lady behind the knotty bits etsy shop for being featured on Funky Finds!
I also forgot to mention something that absolutely thrilled me this evening. A few hours ago, I ran into a woman - a perfect stranger - who was wearing sulu-deisgn earrings! It was the first time that I ever saw one of my designs on someone other than a relative, friend, or co-worker. Of course, I accosted her and completely embarrassed myself, but what fun! It's the little things...


I can't wait for Thursday - not only because it means we'll be in Virginia, visiting with relatives, relaxing in the glorious city that is Richmond, and partaking in the feast to end all feasts - but also because once it's Thursday, it means Tuesday and Wednesday are over! Today was brutal (imagine hosting a Thanksgiving feast for 100 eight year olds - fun, but brutal) and tomorrow will be super hectic.
I was able to run to Flirt after work today and drop off 35 new pairs of sulu-design earrings. And now I've got to pack my bags, tidy up the apartment (I can't return from a weekend away to a dirty apartment) and get some sulu-design pieces together to take to Amy at JetSet, my favorite Richmond boutique. If my travels tomorrow don't allow me to post, please know that I'm thinking of my blog friends and have added you all to my list of things for which I'm thankful. Have a wonderful holiday.


Productivity, Baby!

I'm not usually one for hanging out in my pajamas all day, but if that's what it takes for me to get some sulu-design tasks accomplished, I say, brush off those bunny slippers and let's get started. That's exactly what I did this weekend, and I'm quite pleased with the number of things I was able to check off my sulu-to-do list.
My first order of business this weekend actually did involve throwing on a pair of jeans (which I promptly traded for flannel pajama bottoms as soon as it was appropriate to do so). I stopped by Sodafine in Williamsburg to drop off a few new pairs of earrings to the oh-so-charming Erin.

Once back home, I devoted several more hours to photographing earrings and necklaces that I've been meaning to shoot for a while now, and I posted several more items in my etsy shop. I started with some pieces that I've got from last season that I've posted in the shop at a reduced price:

like these,

and these.

I also ended up putting in a couple pieces that I'd never before pictured on my blog, like:

and these

And I decided to put up a few necklaces that I worked on a while back:

including this one

I even managed to make a few new necklaces to bring with me when I stop by Flirt in Park Slope tomorrow and at JetSet in Richmond, Virginia later this week. Whew! And now, I'm going to reward myself for all of this productivity by catching up with some of my favorite blogs that I didn't let myself peak at this weekend, while keeping cozy in my trusty flannel pajamas.


Ask and You Shall Receive...

it may just require some patience. Thanks to all of you who have been posting comments and e-mailing me about the sulu-design earrings that I posted here throughout this past week. Due to hectic situations at work, I wasn't able to take the time to post those pieces in my etsy shop... until now. Yes, it's two in the morning as I'm writing this, but I promised they'd be posted, so here they are. You can now find these:

and here.

And even though I hadn't posted photos of these particular earrings before on the blog, I put several pairs of carved cinnabar pieces that I've been working on in the shop, too. They can be found:

and here.

Last but not least, there are a few more fish swimmin' around, including a pair that are gold, a pair that are clear, and a pair that are yellow. Thanks to those of you who expressed interest in these pieces. Your encouragement and kind words about my designs are so touching and they keep me going (sometimes until all hours of the night). If things go well, I'll post several more pairs later in the week... after I get some serious sleep. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Fish on Friday

In my last installment of jewelry made last weekend, I've got a big batch of fish. As I've said before, I had no idea that this bead would be so popular when I picked up a few of them a while back. But since then, I've received so many requests for earrings made with them that I can't keep them in stock.

While they all, of course, work around the same fish bead, each pair is one-of-a-kind thanks to the other beads from which the fish dangle. Currently, there are two pairs of fish earrings in the sulu-design etsy shop, with more to be added this weekend (if stores don't grab them up first).
Ahhhh... the next time we catch up, it will be Saturday!


Catching Up

So, I think I finally caught up on commenting on all of the wonderful blogs that keep me going day after day... now I just need to get moving on my own posts! I mistakenly did not include a link to one of the blogs that I've added to my daily reading when I posted this morning (getting in at 1:30 a.m. after a concert, waking at 6:00 a.m. for work, and posting before getting out the door has its drawbacks). I meant to mention how much I'm enjoying Ace Jet 170, a blog dedicated to "found type, print, and stuff." This week, I answered a call from the blog's author for images of cool found type, and today he featured the photo I sent him. You can check it out here. I'll return to posting sulu-design images tomorrow, and should be updating the etsy shop this weekend. Have a great Friday, and happy birthday, Peter!

So Little Time

Sorry to be delinquent in posting on my blog yesterday and on commenting on the blogs of others... things have been demanding at school this week, and parent teacher conferences (followed by a Detroit Cobras concert) kept me out too late to post last night. Since I've had no time to work on jewelry, I thought I'd leave you with links to a few of the blogs that I've come upon over the last couple of weeks that I've added to my regular reading list. Enjoy checking them out.
Alien Cactus Farm
Hula Seventy
Knittin' Bayou
My Own Little Space in Cyberspace
The Runaway Penguin
Sabine Brandt


And Coming...

Just a quick post before I run off to my knitting meet-up in Long Island City...
I liked the color and the finish of the bead featured in yesterday's post so much that when I was at the bead supply store, I picked up a rectangular bead with similar qualities. Below are just a few of the designs that I made with them:

Eventually, some of these earrings will make their way into my etsy shop, now that the site is back up and running. While you're there, don't forget to check out the knotty bits shop, which features adorable softies made by a wonderful gal. And thanks so much to Katie, Jill, and Jessica who have made sales in the sulu-design shop pass the twenty mark! Don't forget... shipping is always free! (Thanks for asking, Crystal).


They Keep Coming

The second bead that I picked up in my attempt to replace the elusive orange oval bead is a bit larger than what I was looking for, but it has an awesome matte finish that makes it look more like resin than stone. It has a deep, rich red tone and a translucent quality that I'm fond of:

As it's turned out, the search for the orange bead has led me to several others that I might have overlooked otherwise. Thanks to Barry for spotting this particular bead at the supply shop. More sulu-design earrings from the Operation Orange Oval shopping trip tomorrow...