Trade Ya

I love the new Automated Postal Center at my post office. There's never a line at it, so I'm in and out in a flash. I got to use it this morning when I sent off the earrings that I posted the other night to Erin, who maintains a crafty blog called House on Hill Road. I was super excited when Erin contacted me and suggested a trade: the earrings I made for one of her beautiful patchwork belts, which I've been admired on her blog recently. What fun - I've never participated in a blog-induced trade before! So Erin will be finding this in her mailbox this week:

And I'll be sporting a new belt soon. What could be better? Enjoy your Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Those earrings and wrapping are gorgeous!! I am so happy to have found a bourough friend with such similarities!!!

Anonymous said...

Just got home from the fabric store...time to make a belt!