Still Summer

Weekends, if they haven't been filled with backpacking, have been about bikes and rivers and camping all summer long.  This is the first weekend I brought a camera with me while mountain biking, so now there's proof:

I've been hearing a lot of "this summer went by so fast" talk recently and I have to say that summer has felt like a long, wonderful season to me.  Warm weather came early to Portland this year and since it did, we've taken full advantage of our summer evenings and weekends, squeezing every possible good bit out of them.  I'm still looking forward to more of it - Labor Day by no means marks the end of my summer season.


18 Years on the 18th

To celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary last weekend, Barry and I went back to our special spot in Goat Rocks Wilderness.  Like we did three years ago, we made a long weekend of the trip.  This time, though, we hiked out to our campsite destination on day one.  It took us two days to get there on out last visit (and by us I mean me).  It was good to push on to that home base to and be able to spend three full days and two nights exploring the high meadows, waterfalls, streams, and lakes nearby.

It was great to get back to this special place that we've talked about frequently in the years since we first visited - to spend mornings with coffee and books while looking out on impressive glaciers, to dip in Warm Lake, to hike in all directions and be continually amazed by the sights.  And it was awesome to make the trip again with my best friend.  Barry introduced me to backpacking - and several other things in this the wonderful life I live.  I love that I'm living my life with him.