Zigzag Mountain

I cannot remember the last time Barry and I went on a hike.  Like, just a hike.   A hike without loaded packs on our backs, a hike without the intention of camping out overnight, a hike without saws and rakes and a chainsaw and other trail-clearing tools.  Some time constraints and a minor injury kept us from doing the other things we'd often do on a weekend day, so yesterday we headed out for a good old day hike, plain and simple.  We hiked to Burnt Lake on Zigzag Mountain and then up to the summit which rewarded with great views of Mount Hood, Adams, Rainer, and St. Helens.  We ran a lot of the way back to the trailhead - turns out it's pretty freeing to hike without a bunch of weight on your back.

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Maryanne Lutjen said...

Sounded safer too than the last one with a chain saw!! Love, Mom