Paradise Park, Finally!

We got the news from a forest ranger that trails were free of snow - or at least free enough that we'd be able to make our way on them - so we headed out on one of our favorite hikes for an overnight at Paradise Park on Mount Hood.  This is the fourth time we've hiked out for an overnight there. Every time we start the hike, I wonder if it will be as good as I remember.  And every time we complete it I'm in awe of how gorgeous the hike and destination are.  The insane views of the Cascade Range.  The amazing light at all hours of the day.  The wildflowers.  The bubbling streams.  Gah!  It was so, so good to backpack again.  It was so, so good to hang out on the Sandy River afterwards to wash up and cool off.  And it was so, so good to end the weekend with Mahi Mahi tacos from 808 Grinds and a beer from Gigantic.

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