When A Tuesday Off Makes for a Three-Day Weekend

Having a Sunday/Monday weekend has its benefits, especially when a national holiday falls on a Tuesday.  That happened last week, making for a long Fourth of July weekend for me and Barry.  We relished every minute of it.  Barry found a quiet riverside spot near Mount Hood where we pitched a tent and set up camp for a few days.  We hiked nearby trails, we did some trail maintenance (he drove me to one end of a trail where I started in with a handsaw, he drove to the opposite end where he started in with a chainsaw, we met somewhere near the middle, and we hiked out together on a trail free of obstacles), we rode bikes, we soaked in the river, we read and read and read (I loved Lincoln in the Bardo), and we sat for hours around a campfire.  I know the rest of the country gets it a lot earlier, but summer is finally here and we're going to squeeze the heck out of it.

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