When A Tuesday Off Makes for a Three-Day Weekend

Having a Sunday/Monday weekend has its benefits, especially when a national holiday falls on a Tuesday.  That happened last week, making for a long Fourth of July weekend for me and Barry.  We relished every minute of it.  Barry found a quiet riverside spot near Mount Hood where we pitched a tent and set up camp for a few days.  We hiked nearby trails, we did some trail maintenance (he drove me to one end of a trail where I started in with a handsaw, he drove to the opposite end where he started in with a chainsaw, we met somewhere near the middle, and we hiked out together on a trail free of obstacles), we rode bikes, we soaked in the river, we read and read and read (I loved Lincoln in the Bardo), and we sat for hours around a campfire.  I know the rest of the country gets it a lot earlier, but summer is finally here and we're going to squeeze the heck out of it.


I'm Still Here, Or Out There

Most of our favorite backpacking destinations are still unreachable due to snow (okay, they're technically not unreachable, but hiking through snow isn't what we want to do with our summer).  So we've done some car camping on our weekends while we wait for the snow to melt.

Recently, we've become somewhat secretive about the outdoor spots that we continue to love and new-to-us ones that we're still discovering.  Portland feels like it's bursting at the seams with new residents, and the surrounding outdoor destinations that we used to love for their quiet solitude are becoming busier and busier.  So let's say this about the trip seen above from a couple weeks ago: it started out on a beautiful lake (that sadly became mosquito-ridden as the sun set, but we'll be back later in the season, for sure).  It ended the following day on a beautiful stretch of river that couldn't have been a more perfect spot for enjoying a hot summer day.