Old Dog New Tricks: Exhibit D, Shuttling Pizza

Least exciting new tricks post ever.  I'm sick.  I've got a bad cough and zero energy.  Last night, out of exhaustion (me from being sick, Barry from travel), we did something we haven't done since we moved to Portland ten years ago.  We ordered pizza for dinner and had it delivered to our place.  Pizza delivery!  Incredible!  While will we think of next?!?  Forty is shaping up to be quite a ground-breaking year.


Carolyn said...

Ugh, I hope you don't have the same cold I do as I enter week 4, after a week of antibiotics and prescription cough medicine didn't heal me :(


LeeAnn said...

A new baby at 35 had me calling all delivery joints but too bad for us, we live too far away. :( I haven't enjoyed delivery since my college days!