Old Dog New Tricks: Exhibit B, Trading Wet for White

Instead of hanging out in Portland on rainy weekends this winter, looking for new indoor activities to keep me occupied (which I've been doing every winter for the past 10 years), I've taken a page from Barry's book.  I've joined him in seeking out snow adventures on Mt. Hood.  Snowboarding lessons were a big part of that, but I've also been enjoying snowshoeing, sometimes with Barry while he backcountry skis, sometimes on my own.  We recently climbed our way up the Tilly Jane trail, taking a lunch break in the A-frame shelter and playing around on the slopes for a bit before I snowshoed back and Barry skied out.  Spending winter days on Mt. Hood, enjoying the brightness of white snow (which is so much better than gray rain), and stopping in a brewery in Hood River on the way home has been the perfect antidote to the winter blahs.  I know it's officially spring, but it will be a couple months before it really starts to feel like it in here Portland.  Until then, I'm heading for the mountain to play in the snow as often as I can.

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