Superstition Wilderness, Day Three

We woke again to beautiful morning light, enjoyed several cups of coffee, and let the condensation on the tent dry before we packed up.  I was reminded that morning, while staring for several minutes at drops of dew hanging from the tips of bent grass, how wonderful it is to be in the wilderness with nothing more than the beauty of the big, wide world filling my mind.  We headed south through Needle Canyon on Terrapin Trail which became my favorite hike of the trip.  The sky was perfectly blue and the terrain was stunning with saguaro, ocotillo, and prickly pear cacti, huge agave plants, and piles of big rocks everywhere.  It was a desert playground.  We took tons of photos and laughed at how amazing the setting was.  Eventually we made it to Bluff Spring Trail which we took east, set up camp (where we saw our second exciting critter - a scorpion), and continued on without our packs.  Our destination was a dot on our map marked "Giant Saguaro."  I'm not sure that we ever found that specific cactus (there were so many that fit that description!) but the trail through Bluff Spring Canyon was stunning.  On our way back to our tent, we soaked our feet and washed up a bit in the prettiest little water hole.  Back at the campsite, we sat by a fire and watched the colors in the sky get dramatic as the sun set.  We were cozy in our tent when I heard a sound I hadn't heard all weekend - a loud screech.   I turned to Barry and asked if he heard it, if it was a bird.  He vaguely nodded and I drifted off to sleep.  The following morning, I learned that Barry had a fitful night's sleep.  While I'd slept through it, the screeching apparently continued all night long, coming from several directions in a wide circle around us in the canyon.  Barry was pretty confident that he knew what the screeches were, and they weren't coming from birds.  His thoughts were confirmed later when we found this video.


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