Being 40, Day 2, The Alvord Desert and Hot Springs

We hiked out of Big Indian Gorge and drove around the southern end of Steens Mountain, stopping in Fields for an awesome burger.  Driving north along the east side of the mountain, the Alvord Desert came into view.  It was stunning.  And it was our home for the night.  We drove our car out on the cracked earth and giggled at how insanely cool the land was and how alone we were.  And we soaked in the hot springs on the edge of the desert.  Many times.  When we first arrived, at sundown, at sunrise... they might be the best part of the whole trip.  Seeing the heard of antelope in the second photo below wasn't too bad, either.

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Carolyn said...

what an awesome trip! happy birthday, dude! I know I haven't commented in ages, but I still read and love all your posts!!