A Month Ago Today

I turned 40.  You know birthdays are big deals to me.  Big birthdays are really big deals.  Barry and I had planned a backpacking trip in the Trinity Alps in California to celebrate, but our plans were thwarted when, days before my birthday, the area was hit with a big snowstorm that would have made finding our way almost impossible.*  So we quickly planned a last minute alternate trip to a place we might not have gone otherwise, and before our extended weekend was over we'd already decided we wanted to go back - who knew?  We took off right after work on my birthday for the southeastern corner of Oregon.  After hours of driving across the state with a motel stop along the way, we reached the first destination on our trip: Big Indian Gorge in Steens Mountain.  We backpacked in, hiking several miles with wonderfully overwhelming scents of juniper and sage all around us, gentle sounds of Aspen leaves blowing in the wind, bright coppery clusters of fall leaves nestled among the rocky terrain, and sights of snow-covered Steens Mountain ahead of us.  We had the canyon completely to ourselves and had one of the best evenings of camping ever, sitting next to a cozy fire with the stars blazing above.  Perfect start to a big birthday weekend.

*We've still got the Trinity Alps book we bought when planning the original trip.  It's gonna get used one day.


LeeAnn said...

So incredibly beautiful. I'd have the big sky photo printed up on canvas. So serene.

house on hill road said...

Belated birthday wishes, Susan! xoxoxo