Wilson River and the Coast, with Burritos in Between

We've recently had a couple stretches of amazingly hot weather here in Portland.  When the temperature hit well above ninety a couple weeks ago, Barry and I took off for the Wilson River where we lounged on rocks and played in the water all afternoon to cool down.

There's water beyond those rocks.
Barry's there, too.

As the sun began to get lower in the sky and the riverbed got covered in shade, the temperature dropped and we climbed back up to our car to go home.  We'd been having so much fun, though, that we didn't really want our day to come to an end.  Being so close to the coast, we decided to drive out to the ocean before heading home.  I'll admit that I'm not the biggest fan of the Oregon coast (let's not get into that here and now), but a stop at the coast seemed like an easy way to extend our outing.  We stopped in Tillamook on the way and had great burritos from a truck - La Providencia - before getting to the coast to watch the sunset.  It was cold and windy - it felt like a completely different day from what we'd experienced hours earlier.  The sky was beautiful and the beach was moody.  The scene there that evening made me think I just might reevaluate my opinion of the coast.

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