Biking near Timothy Lake

We brought our bikes with us when we went camping last weekend.  After waking up at Timothy Lake, drinking several cups of coffee, and watching ducks glide across the water for a while, we peddled up a national forest road until we were stopped by deepening snow.  We turned around and rode back to our campsite along some of the trail surrounding the lake, spotting a bobcat on our way.  I'm slowly dipping my toes in the pool of off-road riding - I'd really like to be better at it.  Recently we rode the Crown Zellerbach Trail (where we saw an elk) to get some off-road miles under my belt.  Ever since I read about the Trans-America Trail - you gotta check this out, Dad - I've got a little bug to see the country this way.

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Anonymous said...

BOBCAT! Makes me nervous, Love, Mom