Joshua Tree: Day Three

Determined to check out Lost Palms Oasis, we packed up and hiked back to the destination that had seemed so daunting the night before.  That morning, it had transformed into a tranquil spot that we had all to ourselves.  We climbed down into a valley where, in the middle of an otherwise dry desert, there was enough of a water source to sustain a trail of grand palm trees.  We were giddy with excitement over how magical the setting felt.

We took a detour on the hike out and checked out the views from Mastodon Peak, then made our way to another corner of the park to check out the West Side Loop trail.  Slogging along with gallons of water on our backs, we hiked and hiked, looking for the perfect spot to set up our camp for our last night in the park.  After completing almost the entire loop, we realized that the perfect spot wasn't going to materialize - this trail wasn't suitable for camping.  We drank in the scenery before making the decision to go into town for the night.  We took much needed showers at a motel and indulged in a diner of fajitas and margaritas at a Mexican restaurant on the highway.  So satisfying.

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