I Made These

The necklaces in the top photo?  At all three Tender Loving Empire locations next weekend.  The necklaces in the middle photo?  At betsy & iya now.  The necklaces in the bottom photo?  A few at betsy & iya now, the rest to find new homes soon.

This is such a small sample of the jewelry that I regularly bring in to Tender Loving Empire, betsy & iya, and Tumbleweed (there are a few new-ish ones at Tumbleweed now that I never photographed).  The photo-taking and photo-posting of the jewelry I make is the least exciting part of the making ands selling process for me.  But I do love to have images like these to look back on.  To be reminded of the beads I used and where I found them.  To be reminded of the stores they went to and my relationships with people there.  To be reminded of how much I've made.  I'm going to try to forget about taking fantastic photos (which is a big part of what makes it not exciting for me) and just take snapshots like those above so that I have some bits of documentation of what I've been making.

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house on hill road said...

I hear you. I have so many things to photograph that it is kind of overwhelming. Also, pretty necklaces!