Palermo was hot.  It was charmingly gritty streets through which we wandered, often single file, along narrow sidewalks.  It was church after church after church.  It was espresso and cannoli for breakfast.  It was grilled squid, fresh from the sea, at one of the many outdoor markets.  It was pasta alla norma, pizza alla norma, and caponata.  It was an afternoon of hunting down the best filled-while-you-wait cannoli in a semi-sketchy neighborhood.  It was a dinner of squid stuffed with pine nuts and raisins and other tasty morsels at a restaurant down a bustling alley.  It was a lovely exhibit of painting and sculpture at the Galleria d'Arte Moderna and intriguing film installations at Pallazo Riso, with wonderfully simple lunches at both places.  It was decay and renovation.  It was missed connections due to riposo (siesta) at Europcar.  It was our reintroduction to Italy.

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Bonnie said...

Excited to see your pictures! Sounds like a fantastic trip.