Near Randazzo

We left Siracusa to head to Randazzo at the foot of Mt. Etna. We drove quite a ways up Etna first and from Randazzo we visited several other hill towns, making a brief stop at Taormina on the coast. This portion of the trip was the most unexpected for me. Driving up Etna with the wind whipping around us. Staying in a charming old country home on a vineyard cared for by a fantastic hostess. Grapes and persimmons from the property with breakfast. Tromping through the little winding roads around the vineyard with mountain views all around. A local's compliment to Barry for his accent that was like a native's. Pizza and lots of it. French fries on every menu. No salt shakers. More and more churches. Hill towns with buildings that clung to the earth and stacked one upon the next up climbing, winding streets. The shock of a bustling touristy street after days of quaint little towns. Feeling like we'd been in Italy forever and feeling like we'd just gotten there.

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