Home Redo

I'm home from work today, bummed out that I'm sick for the second time this winter.  I'm tired and weak and bored.  Seems like a good opportunity for me to catch you up on what's gone on in our apartment recently (since I can do that in my pajamas).  A couple months ago, Barry and I finally did something that we've talked about doing for a long time - moving the bed to a different part our apartment.  That led to a total rearrangement of the whole place, a massive purge (thank you, Rerun and Craigslist), and the installation of a built-in bookshelf.  I like the new set-up, but I still wiggle things around on an almost daily basis, trying to find the current just-right place for everything.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Was there always a hatchet on the wall? Fun times! And I am sorry that you are sick for a 2nd time this winter. That part is not fun times.

lm said...

Hello, neighbor! Your place is lovely. I saved a photo on Pinterest eons ago, and finally found your blog some months later. The diagonal sofa placement... It's the only option in our most interesting building. :-)