An Everlasting Pork Shoulder

Ever since I read An Everlasting Meal a couple years ago, I've been roasting several types of vegetables once or twice a week to use as the building blocks of easy, healthy, tasty meals all week long.  Vegetables have been the focus of my weekly habit this whole time.  I hadn't even considered applying the practice to other foods, and by other foods I mean meat.  I guess that's because I rarely prepare meat at home.  But a recipe I saw recently pretty much begged me to.  And after making the recipe I found myself with enough leftovers to be the building blocks of a week's worth of lunches and dinners that were, I must say, fantastic.  Here's how it went:

It all started with Momofuku's Bo Ssam Recipe, which I made with a 6.5 pound pork shoulder on a Monday (my Sunday).  I served it as the recipe called for with the ginger-scallion sauce, store-bought Kimchi, white rice, and lettuce, minus the Ssam sauce and oysters.  Delicious - salty and sweet, tender and crispy.

On Tuesday, I shredded leftover pork from the bone and used this recipe as a starting point for a ragù that I served over gnocchi.  This was rich and comforting, with a taste that reminded me of a dish that Barry and I used to love at Tournesol in Long Island City**.

On Wednesday, we had Tuesday's ragù served over polenta.

On Thursday, we had a bowl of leftover morsels - the last of the ragù from Tuesday, the last of the rice from Monday, and polenta from Wednesday.  I added some roasted vegetables and a poached egg to each bowl.  Dinners like this are my favorite - lots of great tastes that compliment one another in one place.

On Friday, I used more of the shredded pork in an adaptation of this recipe***, in which I substituted leeks for onions and kale for arugula.  Perfect dinner on a cold, rainy night.

On Saturday, Barry and I brought Friday's dinner leftovers to work for lunch.  I liked Friday's dinner, I loved Saturday's leftovers.

On Saturday night, I served the last of the pork with barbecue sauce.

A week's worth of meals from Monday's pork shoulder.  Definitely not as healthy as a week's worth of meals based on an oven full of vegetables, but it was all so damn good.

Recipe notes:

*I cut the salt and sugar in the brine by almost half, and I line my roasting pan with tinfoil before putting the pork shoulder in it.

**The recipe is for an Italian dish.  Tournesol is a French restaurant.  Just wanna be clear.

***A cup of heavy whipping cream for an at-home, weeknight meal freaks me out.  I used about half a cup.


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I was just milling over that very Momofuku recipe yesterday. Over at a friend's two of us were looking through the book & she remarked how accessible the recipes were.

LeeAnn said...

I cook up a pork shoulder about every 2 months. Polenta is a favorite side to serve with it too! Our last incarnation usually is the shredded pork wrapped in corn flour tortillas stuffed with polenta and onions, then placed in a baking dish topped with some sort of sauce. Sometimes its a gravy made with the cooking liquids or just plain salsa. Mmmm. Then we are so tired of it it takes a couple of months to want to make it again. The pork does freeze very well in its cooking liquids.