A Fifty Year Anniversary Warrants a Trip to Sicily

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November.  I love and admire my parents more than I can possibly express in words.  They have been endlessly supportive of me, and they worked like crazy to provide me with rich opportunities throughout my life.  A lot of those opportunities have involved travel and exposure to new and interesting places: taking me and my siblings on family vacations to different parts of the US (and Canada once or twice), sending me to college in New York City, making possible an awesome cross country road trip that a friend and I made while I was on summer break from college, allowing me to spend a semester abroad in Rome, and supporting the move that Barry and I made from New York to Portland to name some of the big ones.  To thank them for all the amazing things they've exposed me to and to celebrate 50 years of marriage and the family they raised in that time, I wanted to take them on a trip.  They'd been to Italy once before - almost 20 years ago - to travel a bit with me when I finished my semester of study in Rome.  That trip was a life-changing experience for all of us, so revisiting Italy seemed like the thing to do for an anniversary celebration.  Barry and I decided that a trip to Sicily - where we have been but my parents have not - was in order.  We went back in October, but I haven't posted any photos from our trip yet.  You can expect to see a few over the next couple days.

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