On My Own

Barry's traveled a lot for work and a little for pleasure recently.  I usually get crazy productive in the apartment and with jewelry-making (which I used to show you here, remember that?) when he's gone.  This past weekend, though, when he went to Virginia to visit his parents and watch the World Cycling Championships, I decided that I was aiming for less productivity and more relaxation.

I spent Sunday cruising all over town on my bike, enjoying the gorgeous weather we're having in Portland.  I rode over the new Tilikum Crossing (I found myself there and it seemed like I ought to).  I wove my way through Ladd's Addition, one of my favorite neighborhoods to meander through.  And I made my way to Dove Vivi for a glass of Chianti and a slice.

Monday was equally as beautiful.  I strolled to the Lan Su Chinese Garden and enjoyed its peaceful setting in the middle of the city.  I popped into a few shops and went to Marmo for lunch while I finished up a book I've lingered with a little too long.  And now I'm headed to the park to take notes from my guide book to Sicily.  Barry and I meet up with my parents at the end of this week for a vacation there in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary this year.  While I was at the Chinese Garden earlier, I was appropriately given this fortune:


Stephanie Fazio (aka lealou) said...

We had part of our honeymoon in Sicily! Where are you going?? Gah it's gorgeous. Capo San Vito and Erice are my faves.

traci said...

can't wait to hear about your trip!