We Sleep Under a Roof, Too


We stayed in town this Labor Day weekend.  It's not a long weekend for either of us and since a big draw of backpacking is the solitude it provides, going out on a busy holiday weekend isn't very appealing to me and Barry.  It seemed like the perfect time to get a little fussy in the apartment - something I hadn't done in a while.  The plants were dying to be rearranged; they'd all found their way into a cluster around the windows on one wall of our apartment this summer and needed a little breathing room.  Pillows, comforters, duvet covers... they all wanted to be cleaned.  And a few things needed to find their way out of the apartment.  After several hours of cleaning, moving things around, and editing in the closet, I'm feeling really comfy and satisfied.  But I'm a little worried that I still have another weekend day ahead of my (my work weekend being Sunday/Monday) without a hike and breath-taking view in my future.  Tonight's to-do: make a list of evening and weekend activities that don't involve backpacking to get me through the Fall and Winter.

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Mom said...

Looks lovely! Need you to beat me with a stick to throw away "stuff" and have you rearrange everything!!!!!!!! Love, Mom