McNeil Point

The forest fires have plagued the Pacific Northwest this summer thwarted our plans to get to Mt. Adams again before the summer's end.  Instead, we found a hike on Mt. Hood that promised great views of ice caves just below the peak of the mountain.  And although the views were smoke-filled, they were still spectacular.  I'll admit, though, that this was not my finest backpacking trip.  The hike up was hard for me.  I felt old.  I felt fat.  I felt tired.  I felt weak.  These are all things that I feel to varying degrees at times, but usually I don't feel them all at once with the intensity that I felt them on our way to our campsite.  Finally setting up our tent was such a relief.  Sleep was so good.  Laying in the tent and reading for hours the following morning while the sun rose was pretty damn good.  And the hike out was just fine.

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