Yocum Ridge, Revisited

Lightning strikes were forecasted on Mt. Adams again, so we headed to Mt. Hood this weekend in search of a hike with exposure and views but also with tree coverage in case a storm hit.  We decided to hike up to Yocum Ridge again and got a reminder of just how much up, up, up that hike involves.  Although it was cloudy, the views were spectacular.  And the little rain we did get came after we were hunkered down in the tent, playing cards and settling in for the night.  The sunrise the following morning was gorgeous.  Even though we backpack almost every weekend in the summer, I don't think I'll ever get over how amazing this part of the world is.


Mike Nettleton said...

Amazing pics as usual. I really enjoy living vicariously through your backpacking adventures. I remember hiking with you and Barry up in BC so many years ago and to see you now a grizzled backpacking vet is a trip. Good on ya. I just bought a massive car camping tent as that's the speed we'll be traveling for a while, but either way getting out in the woods is where it's at.

Judy said...

Love your pics. Understandable why you want to spend tour free time there.

Mom said...

What card game do you play???