Killen Creek

The threat of storms on Mt. Adams last weekend meant we had to choose a backpacking destination that provided some coverage if we wanted to visit the mountain.  Sunrise Camp, a spot on Mt. Adams where we'd planned on going before hearing the forecast, is completely exposed and will have to wait until we've got a clear weekend.  So Barry did some searching and found a nearby hike that sounded like it would meet our needs - Killen Creek.  I was on-board with getting out of town and backpacking, but I'll admit I had my doubts about the trip.  It was a longer car ride than we'd anticipated, I got good and car sick on the gravel roads, and it was pretty overcast when we arrived.  Although it didn't clear up for most of the weekend and we did get sprinkled on a bit, it turned out to be a great trip.  Barry found the perfect little campsite at the base of a waterfall in a beautiful meadow.  From there we poked around and found the prettiest little lake with views of Mt. Rainier and Goat Rocks.  On our hike back the following day, we took a steep detour up to High Camp where we climbed around on snow fields and gaped at the blue ribbons of the Cascade Range around us.  We're packing up now for this weekend's adventure and while it again looks like there may be rain, I've got no doubts about this one.

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