Since the Start of Summer Part III

(over the dark ridge line to the right in the photo above
you can see a sliver of a lake... that's our destination)

Determined to make the most of an extra night of backpacking (thank you, Fourth of July!) we trekked out just east of Mount Hood to Badger Creek Wilderness.  There were gorgeous views of Mount Hood and several other peaks in the Cascade Range near the start of our hike at Lookout Mountain.  A sometimes gnarly, sometimes nerve-wracking trail followed.  We took it for miles and miles until we found a spot next to what looked at the time like the most beautiful creek ever.  We set up camp, soaked our tired feet in the cold water, and rested up for the following day.  When morning came, we quickly make our way to Badger Lake where we splashed in the water and lounged on the rocks all day.  We spent the night there and had a fantastic morning (mornings, I'm realizing, are often my favorite part of our backpacking trips).  The early hours felt like autumn.  We got cozy with our coffee and watched fish jumping out of the lake.  Eventually we hiked out and caught one of the best views of Mount Hood we've ever seen.

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