Since the Start of Summer Part I

 This one is picture heavy.  Prepare to scroll.

We spent the summer solstice hiking to Paradise Park on Mount Hood.  Our trip started out on an overcast day on a trail that was more populated than we prefer.  But once we were a couple hours in, the sun was shining and the clouds had burned off, the day hikers had all turned back to the trailhead, and we found a spot to pitch our tent that offered solitude and incredible views.  We stood in awe that evening of the variety wildflowers everywhere and watched a long, gorgeous sunset and moonrise.  And we woke the next day to countless cups of coffee and hours of reading in the morning light that bathed Mount Hood's peak.  During our hot, view-filled hike back, we were giddy about this trip and what the rest of summer has in store for us.

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