Inside Today

Today I am bummed that the photos I'm sharing are from inside the apartment, not out in the mountains.  We've got to figure out some backpacking spots for Fall trips where rain won't be a big issue.  I'm going a little crazy staying put on the weekends.  Today, though, after hours of apartment fussing, I am happy to find that our odd succulent seems to be on a yearly flowering schedule.


In the Past Three and a Half Weeks

We started our season visits to Living Room Theaters.  The movies we've seen there this Fall have been entertaining but not great.  The experience, though, of going to the movies on gray, rainy days has been just right.

We saw 20,000 Days on Earth at Cinema 21.  We loved it.

I turned 38.  Barry did an awesome job of making my birthday really special.  You may recall that I love birthdays.

We went to Seattle to celebrate, stayed in an awesome Airbnb spot, and ate great meals all over town.

I restocked Noun, Tumbleweed, Tender Loving Empire, and betsy & iya with new sulu-design earrings and necklaces.  I neglected to photograph the jewelry.  And there was lots of it.  Oops.

I started a whole new round of jewelry made with ceramic beads that I found on our way home from Seattle.