I'm Becoming the Old Cat Lady of Houseplants

Barry traveled for work-related events a lot this summer.  When I had the place to myself, I did a lot of the usual: jewelry-making, closet clean-outs, apartment rearranging.  But this summer, I added another me-time activity to my list: obsessive doting on our houseplants.  I've spent a lot of time arranging them, observing them, and rearranging them so that each gets the best sun exposure possible.  I've been more closely monitoring their water needs than ever before.  I've been fussing with leaves, noting new growth, doing a bit of pruning.  And I've been trying to propagate new plants from the ones we've got.  I kinda want a jungle up in here.

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Lake Nokomis said...

Great title on the entry! I followed a link from a photo of the living room from Pinterest. The room looks fantastic.